Not Quite Right

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It was one of those days. It wasn’t that things went wrong, do much as they consistently failed to go right. Remembering the ipod but forgetting the headphones. Having the key but still being unable to unlock that filing cabinet. Bringing the laptop but failing to charge it. Etc. Nothing *quite* major enough to merit complaining about, but when has that ever stopped me?

So mostly it was a day of making an effort to stay on a quietly even keel. I took the bus instead of driving. I was hopeful that the return to routine would reassure my muses who have been terrifyingly, eerily quiet right now, in the middle of a script that I’m sixty pages into and would like to finish sooner rather than later. The woolly silence wasn’t limited to my script writing either, but to all my writing: script, prose, these posts, letters, to do lists… I literally got distracted in the middle of writing “write a blog” as the very first item on a to do list.

Le sigh.


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Worried that I might be asked to work late, I elected to drive in to work today. Considering that it is, for other people, a holiday, the traffic was so exceptionally light that I arrived at the building an hour and a half early. So early, in fact, that the entire building was still running on half power leaving strange dark places in the parking structure and the hallways, and an eerie silence where the rumble of the climate control system normally filled the space.

I decided it would not be too inappropriate to get a cup of coffee elsewhere for forty minutes or so before going upstairs. I walked to a nearby Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf and set up my laptop in preparation of playing the role of Coffeeshop-Writer.

I putzed around for about half an hour tinkering with this and that on a few projects. My screenwriting software siezed up on me mid scene. I waited fifteen minutes for it to get its act together then decided to cut my losses and work on something else.

Ahh well.

By the time I left, I was so overcranked on caffeine that I needed a brisk run around the block and a cold shower, but instead I headed to the office where, for reasons unknown, someone had brought pie. So the day was off to a good start.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

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Planting day!

I spent nearly the whole day outside planting, pruning, laying landscape cloth, etc. For the amount of effort I put in, I wish I had a little bit more to show for it than one single plant in the middle of a bed with a bunch of holes around it, but I guess that’s how gardening goes.

I tried to give everything a good, deep soak. I just hope I didn’t drown the poor things. I guess we’ll find out if and when they sprout.

After the expense of buying plants yesterday, I decided that I’d try to take some clippings from plants in the neighborhood and see if I could get them to root. The landscaping along the busway is pretty well maintained and seems to be heat and drought tolerant so that seemed like a good place to start.

While I was out for my run I took clippings of sage, rosemary, and lavender- so if I’m successful in getting them to root then I’ll have a fragrant garden as well as a hardy one. But again, that relies on me not killing everything with good intentions. So my drawing board has turned into an impromptu nursery/science experiment.


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I went looking for bulbs. I didn’t find what I expected.

It was time to buy plants to put in my perennial garden so I took a field trip with my sister Bean to a local nursery to peruse my options. We cruised through the aisles to see what our options were, but in the end I only bought one plant: a red Kangaroo’s Paw. Considering the prices, I decided that I’d have to do my plantings over a span of time- maybe a plant or two each week until the garden was full.

Afterwards we went to Home Depot to compare prices (Home Depot wins, BTW) and I decided I would look for some Ranunculus bulbs. Bulbs, I reasoned, would be cheaper than live plants and would take longer to grow anyway so I might as well get them started early. Thinking of tulip bulbs, I was expecting something solid and round. Instead, I came home with something that looks like a packet of crickets. Corms, they’re called, I guess.

So I’ve read it’s good to soak them before planting them, so now it looks like I have a bowl full of crawdads sitting on my kitchen counter. Tomorrow I’ll put them in the bed and cross my fingers that they actually come up.

Quick Post

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The battery on my laptop is in its decline. It was a refurb to begin with, so it never lasted very long, but I used to be able to get an hour or two of work done before having to plug it back into the grid. Now I get about thirty minutes before it shuts itself down no matter what I’m in the middle of working on. I mean, it does give me warnings- first a pop up to say that the battery is getting low, and then, after about five minutes, there is a rather pointed dimming of the screen brightness, like a drama queen preparing to swoon, followed by the plunging black of a shutdown.

I’d be annoyed, except this laptop has been through a lot with me, considering that I carry it around every single day and usually use it on the bus, so it’s a trooper. It’s just beginning a trooper with a short attention span.

Anyway, I have twenty more minutes of lunch hour and no more battery life. Normally I’d wile (while?) Away the time by surfing Facebook, but that’s out for Lent. It’s only been one day. I can surely make it at least one day without it. Right?


So I figured I’d write a quick post. I started work early today, which means (I have a car here where I could go sleepDANGIT I COULD BE USING THIS TIME FOR NAPPING!) That I don’t have my normal bus ride available for writing. So I’m trying to use my time wisely. Wish I had more interesting stuff to write about, though. Life has pretty much been wall to wall payroll.


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Welp, here it is: Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday all in one. As someone who used to give up chocolate for Lent, this always seems like a cruel joke. This year, though, I’m giving up Facebook. I gave it up last year to good effect. At the time I was stressing myself out on the daily howl of sensationalist headlines and name calling, so forty days of cold turkey were helpful towards rebalancing my peace of mind. And as a convenient side effect, it forced me to be more productive with my down time, which is how my writing was able to get some traction.

So I have high hopes.

I disabled the app on my phone- turns out there’s no such thing as deleting it anymore, which I guess goes to show that Facebook and other social media isn’t really optional anymore. It’s like gym class: you don’t have to participate, but they still make you go. I feel reasonably certain that just by invoking the ‘Facebook’ name that there is a server farm somewhere now tracking and storing my every move. I’ve no doubt flagged myself on some kind of watch list by disabling the app. The synchronized drones will start following me any day now.

Totes not paranoid, or anything.

At any rate, I’m making an effort to live life offline for the next few weeks.


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I had this grand idea that I was going to spit out this entire script in about three days. The idea came to me with a head full of steam and I put down about forty pages on paper before Real Life was like: “haha you’re cute, here’s what’s really going to happen…”

And after that, it was a matter of scribbling notes for myself in stolen moments. It’s been a start early, stay late kind of week, and is looking like that’s not much going to change for a few weeks. Which, I suppose, suits me fine: it forces me to be REALLY focused with the free time that I do get, and keeps me from over thinking things. Which, of course, I’ve never been known to do. Ever.

I feel guilty for not posting for over a week- which the Curmudgeonly Lion helpfully pointed out on Sunday night. So here’s a recap of what’s been going down:

Last Monday: Me: “Imma write a script!” (Writes a solid 20 pages- rough and not in order, but enough of a toe hold to know the project has legs)

Tuesday: Me: “Imma write a script!” (Writes about fifteen solid pages and three or four bullshit pages so that I can feel like I’m doing twenty pages in a day. Stay up too late.)

Wednesday: Me: “Imma write a-” My Boss at 5pm: “Hey, can you work late tonight? And also come in early tomorrow?” (Works late. Meets Curmudgeonly Lion for dinner out. Gets sloshed on one single beer.)

Thursday: Me: “Imma…” (Drives in to work early. Paperwork piles inches deep on the desk and begins to form drifts. Works late. Calls it quits after mistaking 6 for 9 for the third time.)

Friday: Me: “…” (Drives in to work early. Thunderous headache for third day in a row. Leaves on time.)

Saturday: “Imma… Maybe sleep in just a little longer.” (Runs errands. Spends the afternoon in an audition session. Still fighting off headache. Begins to suspect a tumor that only Dr House would be able to diagnose. Rules out lupus. It’s never lupus. Lies on the bed staring at the ceiling hoping that playing dead will trick the headache into moving on. Doesn’t work. Puts in an appearance at friend’s birthday party. Ghosts after forty minutes. In bed by midnight feeling pretty proud of self.)

Sunday: Me: “Imma write a script! … After I watch Spider-Man and do my reading for writer’s group and go for a run and rake the backyard and actually go to writer’s group and call my folks.” (Does all this. Puts down, I dunno, five pages? It’s mostly scribbled on scratch paper).

Monday: Me: “New week! I’ll do better this week!” (Oversleeps. Writes for ninety minutes, puts down about ten pages. Dentist appointment. Drives in to work. Stays late. Writes some more. Stays up too late.)

So that’s me. Today’s my first day back to commuting by bus since last Wednesday so hopefully that will help keep me on track. There’s about even odds that I’ll have to work late, if not today then tomorrow and/or the day after that so I’d better stay on task. If I go radio silent again, it’s because I’m trapped under an avalanche of payroll. Send a Great Bernard with whiskey.

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