Craigslist of The Brain

I have Craiglsist of the brain. My thoughts fall into disparate categories of needs and wants and thoughts that I project outward from myself in the direction of others by way of the computer. It is, after all, a digital world we live in. Here are some current listings:

Kent Film Festival (Kent, CT)
April 22-25th

Join us as we screen our film “The Visionary” at the Kent Film Festival in Kent, CT. We will be screening as part of Short’s Block 2 on Saturday morning at 11 am.
It might seem like a funny move to head to Connecticut to screen a film, but I assure you it is not. There is so much focus on the West Coast in the film industry that it would be easy to overlook a boutique festival like Kent Independent Film Festival. We attended the festival last year with our first film “Persephone” and one visit was enough to convince us that this was a festival worth coming back to!

Rants and Raves
Sideshow Theatre’s “Medea With Child”
(LaCosta Theatre, Chicago)
Went to see a creative retelling of Euripides’ “Medea”. Some friends of mine are part of the Sideshow Theatre company so I went to see their newest production “Medea With Child” by Janet Burroway. I really wanted to like it, but mostly felt like I didn’t understand it. I like to consider myself a theatre person (having been a theatre major in college) but maybe I’ve lost touch with the theatre language.

The play pushes the limits of narrative storytelling so if you’re not familiar with “Medea” then it is hard to understand what is going on. Characters occasionally breaking into poetry and song. Characters roller skate across the stage and disappear in and out of cabinetry and speak into microphones that seem to be growing out of flower pots. I’m all for avant garde expression when it carries metaphorical meaning or adds juxtaposition but this seemed more like Dadaism and  didn’t seem to make much sense.

And did they even mean for it to be Avant Garde? The Sideshow Theatre company’s motto is “Familiar Stories. Unorthodox Methods. Perpetually Curious.” after all. So maybe I’m not supposed to understand it;  I hate it when people go to an avant garde show and claim to understand it even when they don’t; and if an ex-theatre-major can’t understand a show can anybody? Or am I really that out of touch?

Looking For An Affordable House Before Tax Credit Runs Out
(Chicagoland Area)  house wanted
Young engaged couple seeks affordable but spacious house to make a home. Trying to buy before the deadline for the tax credit runs out. Must have room for an art studio and a computer room. Also must have a garage. Preferably not in the ghetto. Preferably not in a state of quiet implosion. Preferably not a million miles away from all known civilization. Elgin OK.  She is a first time home buyer but he has a condo. Seeking something she can get on her own.

iMac G5 Good for Parts! $250 (Chicago)
I bought a second-hand iMac from a friend who was moving out of town and have since gotten a new one. Now I need to clear some space.
It is an iMac G5 from 2007 and comes with FinalCut already loaded on it. Works great but can’t burn DVD’s (plays them fine, though). Comes with an upgraded mouse. Use it for smaller projects or break it down for parts.
Asking $250 for it or best offer.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 24, 2010.

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