A Special Custom Werewif Vlog


So my computer has decided to take its sweet time uploading my vlog to youtube so in the meantime, allow me to apologize for the delay. It’s worth waiting for, though, I assure you 🙂 it features me drawing a totally original portrait of the Werewif herself- without sketches or tracing! Here’s a picture of the finished product:

I’m going to be giving this article of original artwork away, I’ll have you know. I’ll be sending it to the person who posts the 25th comment on this blog post, so comment away!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 28, 2010.

27 Responses to “A Special Custom Werewif Vlog”

  1. I love this stuff! Watching an image created right on the screen is just cool! When I was a little kid I used to watch a drawing show on PBS in which the artist did this and I never got tired of it.

    Mr. Ram

  2. Would it be horrible if to win the picture I just kept posting and posting and posting and, well, you get the idea. 😉

  3. I want to say something really witty in return like, “Ha! I have no cometition” but really that’s for other aspects of my life. I guess no one else sits in front of a computer 8 hours at work with little to do between taking calls, so I can check up on this like I’m bidding on E-bay!

  4. This is a brilliant idea, especially for me as an artist. I can take all the figurative drawing classes in college that I want but ultimately that only exposes me to this realistic kind of drawing and I’m much more of a comic person. Watching you ink and draw is pretty much just me going “ohhhhhhhh that’s how you can do it!”

    What a great idea.

    By the way, I love the comic. Great story. Great art. Keep it up.

  5. I really enjoy your drawing, I’ll like to be able to have your drawing talent, with this video it’s really amazing.
    I’m please to follow your story in Tgcomix.com
    Go no! It’s great!

  6. Love the work all around. Very talented something I neither possess, nor could learn, lol!!!

  7. Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  8. I still love your art work, but I was wandering if you thought of useing a paint brush pen? It is like those coloring pens that you can find at many stores. Even the dollar stores too. A brushpen is with a; brush as its tip, and might get a better results with a excotic look. If done right. A better example would be to look at the asian sumi-e paintings.

  9. You are amazingly talented! I love your comic p.s….keep up the amazing work!

  10. I love all the werewif pics. I think you are very talanted and enjoy reading each new posting.your pencil art is great,

  11. I love your drawings. My only problem with the werewif is waiting a month between updates.

  12. Respect.

    Love your work (even if I do get lost in the storyline occasionally), so do keep it coming please!

  13. I wish my hands were as steady as yours. When I try to draw, even when tracing something, there’s a LOT more erasing involved.

  14. I had my fingers crossed that you hadn’t reached 25 yet. Looks like there’s still a chance to win!

  15. I can’t find a link to your actualy comic…or am I just making things up in my head. You draw with such confidence, I’ve always been super jealous of that 🙂

  16. I wish I could watch you do this in person more. It’s always fun watching you work. You and your Mad Skillz.

  17. Hmmm… so that puts you at 20… Now 21… very tempting to see if I can get to 25 but I’ll give my competition a chance. 😉

  18. Are you just waiting for comment number 24 and then you’ll leave a reply and be the 25th commenter?

    • Lol- you know it! I mean, a girl needs to hold on to every piece she ever creates after all… it’s not like I’ve got artwork crammed into every nook and cranny of my apartment that I can just be giving this stuff away!

      I’m beginning to think no one wants it…

  19. I want it! I was just trying to see if anyone else would snatch it up away from me at the last second, like an E-bay auction.

  20. It’s such a lovely rendering!

  21. ::dances in cubical::

    Thank you to all the little people who helped along the way!

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