When I Have Trouble Sleeping

When I have difficulty sleeping I imagine myself floating, effortlessly, on the surface of still waters. The water is dark and smooth, like glass, and the air above me is cool and moist and grey. When I breathe in I rise up towards the air until my body nearly leaves the water. When I breathe out I sink beneath the surface until I am nearly submerged. I never sink below the surface. I never rise above the water. If I breathe slowly enough then I cause no ripples.

When I have difficulty sleeping I think about the horizon because it is an object of many truths. It is a place that can be seen but never reached: where they sky meets the water but the two never touch. The horizon exists even when obscured by land and trees and the other obstacles of life on earth. The horizon is always level with my eyes, no matter how tall I stand or low I fall. It shows us the edge of the world without showing us the end.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 4, 2011.

4 Responses to “When I Have Trouble Sleeping”

  1. Hi Gwydhar:

    I really like your thoughts on the horizon. I’ve always looked at it in the light of being in balance; in nature, it’s always a natural line between Earth and sky, but, internally, it represents a harmonious balance. That’s way more “Zen” than I usually get! Your comments just brought it out of me. 😉

  2. Relaxing thoughts. I’ll give them a try tonite.

  3. Very deep profound and insightful blog entry.

  4. Sleep is a friend.
    Always needed and to easily taken for granted till you’ve lost to much, and worse if you get to much.

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