Not All Bad

Here is my sad, sad, story: it was a Friday and I knew within a few moments of waking up that it was going to be one of those days. It was dark, for one thing, and grey. The bed was messy and uncomfortable. My foot was wrapped in a cold pack that was no longer cold. My pillow was wet from my hair. There was laundry on the floor and a cat scratching at the side of the bed. When I got up I had just enough time to get dressed and throw together one lunch, which I sent with my husband, but not enough time to put together a breakfast for me; I skipped it to make up time in order to catch my train. I didn’t catch my train.

Without any cash and without a breakfast to eat I made do by reading the second half of “The Social Network” screenplay that I’d started reading the night before. Like the beginning of the screenplay, the end did nothing to restore my faith in the general goodness of humanity. (And this film was up for Academy Awards?) Also it did nothing to restore my outlook on the day; it turns out that megalomania is no more palatable on an empty stomach than on a full one.

I walked to work craving a toasted bagel. I think, perhaps, by now you can see what my greatest driving force in life is. I even stopped by a Walgreens in search of bagels to toast but came up empty and walked out empty handed. Breakfast consisted of emergency rations of plain oatmeal that I keep in my office and milk (not enough) that I keep in the office fridge. Since I get into the office an hour and a half before anyone else does I often take a little nap that I call my morning re-boot. Today would have been a good day for a morning re-boot, except that the building’s maintenance man arrived and announced he needed to work on the phone lines which are located in a closet in my office.

But the news is not all bad; by the time I made it to my desk my mood was pretty grim, but it wasn’t all bad. When I arrived at my desk, what should I find but a beautiful bouquet of flowers. They had arrived completely out of the blue and there was no note. I messaged my husband to ask if he’d sent them, but already guessed that he hadn’t since they were standing in a Prego jar which I was pretty sure a professional wouldn’t have elected to use as a vase. On the other hand they weren’t just some store-bought bundle: they were actually arranged and arranged well.

As it turns out, they were a gift from a co-worker who later called to say that they were just to “say thanks” for all the things I do around the office. I might just have gotten a bit misty about it at the time… There are some days when a person just needs to be reminded that even as we go through life struggling and enduring and looking out into the world that it sometimes happens that the world is looking back.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on September 9, 2011.

2 Responses to “Not All Bad”

  1. Man, what a day! Hope things have been better since then!

  2. What a sweet co-worker!

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