Here’s To You, Kater Gordon

I’ve taken to watching “Mad Men” over my lunch break at work. It’s an excellent show but being somewhat behind the times I’m only on the second season. Today, as I tuned in for my usual episode I happened to glimpse the name “Kater Gordon” in the writing credits. The name didn’t so much ring a bell as it did slow down time and send me back ten years. (And they say that time travel is just science fiction.)

Kater Gordon?

The Kater Gordon of the red hair and the freckled shoulders?

Kater Gordon of the wardrobe crew of the Heritage Repertory Theatre in Virginia?

I knew her. I worked with her. At least I thought I did. I looked her up on IMDb just to be sure. Yes, it was her. The one and only Kater Gordon.

Bitch got an Emmy.

Here was someone my age, who was in exactly the same place that I was ten years ago, writing for “Mad Men”; the Emmy Award winning, much imitated “Mad Men”.

Bitch got an Emmy!

What have I done with my life lately? Here’s me still struggling to finish a few haphazard short films and piece together a feature on a budget of peanut butter and goodwill all while working a day job. Here’s me still treading the same ground, trying to figure out the next baby-step, still trying to make something meaningful enough that people will notice it. And here’s Kater making the rest of us look bad.

The rest of my day was made up of variations on this theme. My curiosity warred with my pride. When I couldn’t stand it anymore I gave up and Googled her name to learn more.

And learn more I did.

Sure, she got an Emmy, and then also got fired. They called her rise meteoric; an apt choice of words since meteors mostly fall down in a blaze of glory.  The fallout wasn’t pretty. Emmy? Schmemmy: there was scandal to be had. I think the nicest of the speculations theorized she was fired for treading on someone’s ego. The larger consensus thought she’s slept with the boss. The articles were all from October 11, 2009. I tried to find some later articles to see if there was any follow up to the matter but once the news broke it was just as quickly forgotten about. Evidence didn’t seem to be important. Follow up was not a priority. I concluded it was none of my business, put my crazy-eyes back in my head, enjoyed a moment of schadenfreude (I’m not proud of it, but I’m not too proud to admit it either), and got over it.

Whatever else went on behind the scenes (notmybusiness) Kater Gordon inspires me.  After all, she’s making it happen and getting recognition. I’m just sitting on my ass and whining. If I’m just going to be all talk then I don’t deserve to be jealous, because I should stop wasting my time whining and be out there making things happen too.

Bitch got an Emmy: maybe I need to be reminded of that so I can stop procrastinating and get back to work.  So here’s to you Kater Gordon, whatever your struggle may be. For what it’s worth, I’m still jealous of you but you’re inspiring me to do great things.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on October 14, 2011.

One Response to “Here’s To You, Kater Gordon”

  1. Bitch got an Emmy . . . . . then fell off the face of the Earth.

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