Manifesto For The Beer Lover

Rise My Fellow Beer Lovers!

Rise My Fellow Beer Lovers!

In my formative years I always thought I would be a wine connoisseur when I grew up. I would be sophisticated and refined and would be able to tell the difference between a pinot and a sryah. I would host sophisticated and refined parties where people ate tiny foods at the ends of toothpicks and discussed philosophy and literature and laughed gently through their noses at polite jokes.

Hnra hrna hrnaa, how droll. Indeed. (Arches eyebrow. Raises pinkie.)

Then I grew up and discovered that I liked beer instead. Wine is nice, but I have trouble telling one kind of wine from another. Wine is like a high maintenance girlfriend: sure people will think you’re classy if you hang out with her, but it’s going to cost you a lot to get to know her. Beer is the friend you hang out with just to have fun.

I credit my next door neighbor for this: my folks were hosting some kind of summer get-together and asked if she wanted something do drink and this elegant lady asked for a beer. She had it in a glass, not a bottle, and I realized it could be every bit as refined and sophisticated as any wine. My world was changed.

Which brings me to the present: always in search of new beers to try I put “Interesting Beers” on my Christmas list to try to broaden my scope. Under the tree on Christmas morning I discovered a pair of beers from my sister from the Eagle Rock Brewery here in California called Manifesto and Revolution. (Or as I like to call them: Manifesto! and Revolution! The exclamation points seem important to me). This is beer for the people.

Manifesto is a whitbier which is very pale in color and was nice and light. I’d never had a whitbier before, but I found it very approachable. The bottle assures me “It’s sunshine in a glass!” We drank it on New Years Eve instead of champagne while doing a jigsaw puzzle. 2012 went out like a comfortable old friend and 2013 started without a hangover. What else could a girl ask for?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 9, 2013.

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