Why Being An Introverted Blogger Sucks


A lot of people think that Introverts are shy.

When I tell people, even people who know me pretty well, that I am an Introvert they go: “Really? I don’t think you’re an Introvert- you’re not that shy.” Or sometimes they use the word “Quiet” instead of “shy”, but the point is the same: Introverts are people who don’t like to use a lot of words.

And this is true, but it’s not usually because we are afraid to speak up.

Introverts use words like they cost money. And in a way this is true: we want our words to have value so we try to pick the best ones that have the most meaning. That means every word we speak or write takes deliberate thought and effort.

So the first reason why being an Introvert Blogger sucks is:

Producing words is tiring!

We take words pretty seriously and want to stand behind them because we’ve given them a lot of thought. Being a Blogger is especially tricky because the internet is forever. And that’s a long time to be responsible for your words.

You might point out that it’s “just” a blog- people blog about cat videos and how many marshmallows they can put in their mouth at one time without making callbacks for Blue Man Group- what’s the big deal? This is The INTERNET  we are talking about.

Which brings us to:

If it matters to us that much it probably shouldn’t be on the internet.

Lets face it: the Internet doesn’t have much time for carefully thought out, deliberate, balanced arguments or reasonable philosophy. The denizens of the Internet want to see stories that either restore their faith in humanity or else make them feel better about themselves by being smarter than someone else. Truth is optional.

And lastly:

Some things we just want to keep to ourselves.

Politics. Religion. Opinions. These things mean a lot to us. Sometimes there are things we want to say- really really want to say- because we feel strongly about them. And sometimes we can’t say what we really, really want to say because it would be inappropriate, impolite, too personal, or just nobody’s business.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 11, 2013.

3 Responses to “Why Being An Introverted Blogger Sucks”

  1. INTJ

  2. This: “we want our words to have value so we try to pick the best ones that have the most meaning. That means every word we speak or write takes deliberate thought and effort.” So we’ll said.

    I struggle with this, too, but never thought of it as part of being introverted. For me, being someone whose appearance is far from the expected gender binary ‘norm’, I feel like I’m in a spotlight anyway. So when I blog or speak publicly, I feel that every word must matter and be precisely correct to withstand the scrutiny.

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