Eyes On The Big Picture

Cinderella got nothin' on my dainty tap-taps.

Cinderella got nothin’ on my dainty tap-taps.

The signs were all there: it was time for me to stop running.

Unfortunately this moment came while I was still a solid mile away from home and I had to walk back, but even walking was going to be a smarter choice than trying to push myself to run it. When it comes to running culture there is this attitude of “pushing-through-the-pain” which is valid up to a point; running is a painful and difficult task and our brains are wired to find ways to avoid painful, difficult tasks. Likewise, though, it is important to know when your body is sending valid distress signals and to listen to it.

For me this signal was coming from my left achilles tendon. It started acting up in the middle of last week and I thought it was probably just an over-reaction to the added distance that I’ve been doing lately. In my experience, a day of rest will clear this kind of problem up so the next day I did floor exercises instead of a run hoping it would go away. On the weekend I managed a long run although the tendon seemed a bit stiff.

I iced. I stretched. Then I rested.

Yesterday I took an inventory of my aches and pains and found that my achilles tendon was still stiff so I opted to rest a second day. Besides, there was also that blister to think of. I felt bad because it was the first day since the beginning of the year that I failed to stay on my running schedule, so today I was extra determined to get back on my feet.

By the time I determined that I shouldn’t run anymore  my ankle felt swollen and heavy. I weighed my options: My original goal wasn’t to run any certain distance; my goal was just to run regularly for the whole year. I’d been so enthusiastic about getting onto a running schedule that I was pushing too hard.

I don’t like backing down from a challenge; it hurts my pride, but I’m also smart enough to lose a battle or two if it means I can still win the war.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 15, 2013.

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  1. With something like achilles it is better to take a step back. You will be back running the way you hope in no time. Good job running smart!

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