All Dressed In White

It's either a wedding dress or a wedding cake; either way it's a confection.

It’s either a wedding dress or a wedding cake; either way it’s a confection.

I took my sister shopping yesterday for a wedding dress. We went to a great little shop called Glamour Closet which sells designer dresses that were either used as floor models or were worn on the runway but were otherwise never used. So the prices were good and the options were absolutely stunning- and there were plenty of them. Options, that is. You’d be surprised at the range and scope within the category of “white dress”.

I am an old married lady now, so I didn’t think that wedding dress shopping would be fun for me anymore. I was wrong. It is WAY more fun to shop for someone else’s wedding dress than to shop for your own. For one thing the pressure is off so when you see the right dress you know it right away- it doesn’t have to “feel” right (because the dress you try on at any store never feels just right anyway). You also don’t have to worry about cost. You also don’t have to worry about keeping the weight off long enough to wear it.

The dress she finally bought is one of the most breathtaking gowns I could imagine. I always would joke with her that when she picked her wedding dress it would make mine look like I’d been playing dress-up. Her dress would run up alongside my dress the way a pirate frigate runs up alongside a merchant ship and just¬†completely blow it out of the water.

It did.

I’m hyperbolizing, of course, but I was always a little worried that this day would come and I would be twisted up with envy. I¬†am a bit envious, but it is in the best way possible; I’m envious of her good luck at finding a dress that is just so right, not because anything about my own dress was wrong. Besides, now I get to enjoy her whole wedding without having to worry about how fast it is all going by; because if you’re the bride it only feels like you get to wear the dress for about twenty minutes.

Besides, there will be cake.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 17, 2013.

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