How To Make A Snow Mobile


No landfill for you, buddy, you’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

Once Christmas is over it’s hard to know how to decorate the house for January. If you want to follow the lead of shopping centers everywhere you can just go right ahead and skip to Valentines Day- or heck, even Easter! But for the rest of us January just means winter. So here’s how to make some nice winter-y decorations with the junk left over from Christmas.

Everyone has one: the string of dead Christmas lights that you just can’t seem to throw away. “The whole string isn’t bad,” you tell yourself, “It’s just one bulb… and if I could just replace it it would be good as new!”

And then after replacing a dozen or so bulbs with no success you get frustrated and chuck the whole string back in the box figuring you’ll deal with it next year. Which brings us to:


Step 1:

Dig out that dead string of lights. Or pull a string of lights off the Christmas tree that your neighbors threw away fully decorated.  The only other thing you will need is fishing line and a pair of pliers (needle nose are best)


Step 2:

Pull out all the little light bulbs.


Step 3:

Now pull the lamp out of the plastic base. It should have two copper wires that slip out behind it. Be careful to not break these off.  You’ll need 5 lamps for each snowflake.


Step 4:

Carefully twist together two of the lamps using only one wire from each lamp. To me they look like a pair of figure skaters.


Repeat this step until all five lamps are linked together in a line.  Now they look like a row of can can dancers.


Bend the twisted wires up like the dancers are doing a high kick.


Step 5:

Twist together the last two wires so that the lamps form a star. This is where those needle nose pliers are really helpful. Even if you had the daintiest of Jack Skellington fingers this last twist would make you think that you were trying to twist these wires together using kielbasa instead.


Step 6:

Twist all the twisted wires together- gently- these wires WILL break off if you twist too much or too hard. Then tuck the wire bundle down between the lamps so it won’t scratch anyone. 


Step 7:

Cut yourself a length of fishing line. If you don’t feel like gnawing through it with your teeth you may use scissors… even though they are not on the supply list.

Go ahead and tie the two loose ends together to make a loop.


Step 8:

Loop the fishing wire around the middle of the lamp-star and ta-dah! You have a snowflake. You can make several from a string of lights and hang them from different lengths of fishing line to turn them into a mobile.

Or hang them from suction cups on your windows.

Or save them for next year and use them as Christmas ornaments.


Get a can of white or silver spray paint and gently spray a light coat of paint on the center- and just the center (you still want the tips of the lamps to sparkle in the light)- of your snowflake to disguise the copper wire. Be sure to do both sides.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 18, 2013.

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