Dream: Island Of The Walking Palm Trees


The places that our dreams take us...

The places that our dreams take us…

In my dream I am on a trip with my family to a tropical island. The island wasn’t any place specific. We were driving around in a red jeep doing a sort of driving-tour and I was the one behind the wheel.

We pulled over in a parking lot beside a beach and got out to take pictures. The sky was perfectly clear and blue and so was the ocean and it was warm and sunny. My parents and siblings went over to the edge of the parking lot to look down on the beach and I stayed beside the jeep. I happened to look over to a mound of vegetation that likewise stood at the edge of the parking lot overlooking the water. It looked like a turtle shell that had been up-ended with the turtle’s heads and legs pulled inside.

“Turtle!” I said.

The turtle’s shell was rough and covered in thick moss that hung off it in long strips. I decided it must actually be some kind of large rock with plants growing on it and then was distracted by my family returning to the Jeep. I climbed back into the drivers seat and started to point out the rock to them out the windshield to show them how much it looked like a turtle.

“What rock?” One of them asked.

I looked again and the rock was gone. Then I saw it on the other side of the parking lot near the road and it was walking, still upright, and it had seats hung on the front that had formerly been facing out at the ocean with helmeted tourists strapped into them.  The rock/turtle disappeared out of sight before my family could glimpse it though.

We drove for a while more, reassured that we couldn’t get lost on the island because it only had one road that ran around its perimeter.

At another beach we stopped and got out to take more pictures. Here there were two tall palm trees on the beach. I didn’t notice them at first until I saw that they too were filled with tourists way up at the top among the fronds. Like the rock/turtle they began to walk off the beach and towards the center of the island.

“Look!” I said. “Walking palm trees!” I pointed and tried to show my family, who turned to look but the trees were hidden behind a large white building. I pointed them towards the far side of the building where I thought the trees were headed and after a minute or two they appeared to exclamations from my folks.

Then we went back to our rental house and ate spaghetti with meatballs. I’m not sure what that had to do with anything.

Anyway dreams like this are the reason why I hate dream dictionaries. They never have entries for moss-covered-turtle-rocks-walking-and-carrying-tourists in them. Or walking palm trees for that matter.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 24, 2013.

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