Other Self

So many flavors of me...

So many flavors of me…

I sometimes feel like I am turning into a different person.

We moved to California from Chicago a little less than a year ago. I should say we “relocated” to California because we didn’t make any plans to move back again. It wasn’t like we were planning to move to California for three or four years and then if things didn’t work out we would just go home. Nope, we packed up the homestead like pioneers on the Oregon Trail: west coast or bust.

So for months I have been trying to wrap my mind around the idea of being a Californian. Partly this is because life in California is still strange to me and partly it is because I don’t want to lose my identity as a down-to-earth Chicagoan.

But I am starting to notice other ways in which I am acting completely out-of-character for who I used to be before the move.

Take fish tacos for instance. A year ago I didn’t like fish tacos. I didn’t even consider fish tacos food. Now I eat them every week. I actually look forward to Taco Tuesdays. I plan my grocery list around the stuff I need to make tacos.

And beer: I knew that I liked beer before we moved, but I hardly ever drank it. I might have one if we were celebrating something or to relax at the end of a rough day but it was an occasional thing. Now I enjoy one every evening: 6pm is cocktail hour and cocktail hour is a beer.

It’s not just food either: I’ve always wanted to take up the bass guitar so I actually went and got a bass guitar. I no longer hate doing laundry- that’s a big deal because I really hated it before. I find out about free classes or movie screenings and I actually sign up to go to them. I’m starting to take sunny days for granted. I get veggies from a farm instead of a grocery store.

It feels like I am becoming a different person: but I don’t feel like I’m not myself. This makes me wonder how much of “me” there is: how many different facets my personality has that I don’t even know exist yet.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 30, 2013.

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