Schmooze and Eggs


This morning I attended a Networking Breakfast where I had the pleasure of hearing Nina Jacobson, producer of a little film called “The Hunger Games”, speak. I’d never been to a Networking Breakfast- and I capitalized that because that is the actual name of the event: The Hollywood Networking Breakfast. It sounds like some kind of snooty schmooze fest where Hollywood elite smoke cigars and drink brandy out of ladies slippers and look down upon the barefoot supplicants groveling at their feet begging for a precious second glance.

It is none of these things.

I was nervous before I went. Some people are afraid of speaking in front of big crowds, but I have a much harder time speaking in front of a little crowd: the schmooze as it were. It is very intimidating to try to carry on a conversation in a small group knowing that at any moment you could be interrupted or shut out or that the conversation will lag or that you’ll put your foot in your mouth and a whole group of people will know it. It is tricky to be able to read the people who you are speaking to to know if they are actually interested in what you are saying or just being polite. And it is hardest of all to get the conversation started in the first place. It is a skill that I have been working to develop, but not without a certain amount of anxiety; especially after paying to attend a Networking Breakfast and wanting to get my money’s worth.

I needn’t have worried.

First of all, the people could not be nicer: everyone wants to meet with you. Everyone knows you want to exchange cards- it’s almost a game to see who can ask first. At the beginning each person gets to speak for 15 seconds about who they are and what they’ve done: and everyone has done something- everyone from students still in school to the makers of Academy Award nominated short films. It’s nice to be in a room with so many people and to realize that everyone has had a success. THESE are the people I have always wanted to meet.

By the time I headed home the only question I had left was why had I waited so long to attend?!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on January 31, 2013.

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