February First, Resolution Checkup

A month ago I wrote a post called The Art of Accomplishment listing my goals for the year. I decided to make a chart of my progress that I would turn into a work of art in 2014. I would let my dedication to my own goals determine what that artwork looked like. Here is my progress from January so you can keep me accountable so far.

My productivity for January: or as I like to call it the most left-brained art project ever.

The most left-brained art project ever.

Here is how you read it: at the top of the page is a line of letters:

  • R is for Running
  • A is for Artwork
  • C is for Birthday Cards
  • BL is for Blogs
  • F is for Flossing
  • P is for Practicing the bass
  • BK is for finishing a book (reading, not writing- I’d be a bestseller by now if I could finish writing that many books)
  • BD is for Blue Damen which means hours that I dedicated to working on my filmmaking.

The filled in squares have a few different meanings too:

  • For Running each square is for each mile I ran.
  • For Artwork and Practicing each square is for an hour of Art or Practice although I sometimes work longer or shorter without noting it. Making the attempt is the important part.
  • For Books, Blogging and Flossing each square means the goal was met for the day. A book was completed. Blogs were blogged. Teeth were flossed.
  • Birthday cards are a bit special because I am notating both when the card was sent (with the filled in square) AND when the card is due because there is a time gap and the goal is the get the card to a person by the special day.
  • And of course for the filmmaking my goal is to reach eight hours in a work day so I keep track of how close I am to that goal.

I only have a perfect score in two categories: Blogging and Flossing.  My goal for February is to maintain these two and to get a perfect score in one more daily goal. I plan to up my filmmaking hours because we have a film premiere coming up and I will need to stay very focused to get everything done in time.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 1, 2013.

2 Responses to “February First, Resolution Checkup”

  1. Very INTJ 🙂

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