Three Beers From Hangar 24

The Three Beers.

The Three Beers.

Once upon a time there were three beers from Hangar 24. They were called Alt-Bier Ale, Orange Wheat, and Amarillo Pale Ale.

One day the three beers decided to leave their home in Hangar 24 to go hang out with their friends the Stater Brothers; because there is nothing that a beer like better than to hang out with friends and the Stater Brothers always like to have good beers around.

So there they were at Stater Brothers’ place, you know- chilling- and they met a red-head named… uh… “Redilocks”. They decided they would like to go home with Redilocks so they called to her:

“Hey, take us home- we’re much better than that Corona.”

“Are you?” Said Redilocks, “I like Corona; it’s cool and straightforward and goes good with a lime.”

“We’re way better.” Said the three beers. “Look- we’re Craft beers. We’re made locally (well, in Redlands). And we have these sweet vintage airplanes on our labels see?”

They showed her. Redilocks was impressed.

So she bought a twelve pack and brought them home. She put one Alt-Bier Ale, one Orange Wheat, and one Amarillo Pale Ale in the fridge and went and made dinner. When it was dinner time she went to the fridge and said:

“Ok, which one of you should I try first?”

The Amarillo Pale Ale said: “Try me, I’m balanced and resinous and I’m made from midwestern malted barley”

So Redilocks tried the Pale Ale and said:

“Balanced and resinous you may be, but your northwestern hops are too bitter for me.”

Then the Alt-Bier Ale said: “Try me, I’m caramel, toasty, and clean and I have a hint of chocolaty roast.”

So Redilocks tried the Alt-Bier and was impressed, but said:

“You sure are clean and complex, but you’re a little too complex to have every day.”

So at last the Orange Wheat said: “Then try me: I’m crisp, tangy, and refreshing. If you like your beer with a hint of fruit then you’ll love me.”

So Redilocks tried the Orange Wheat and exclaimed:

“Orange Wheat, you are JUST RIGHT!”

And so Redilocks found a new favorite beer, but she still invited all three beers to spend some time in her fridge whenever they want; because sometimes a girl needs a little balance and sometimes a girl needs a chocolate finish.

And they all lived happily ever after.

The End.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 10, 2013.

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  1. I have to agree with you on your reviews of the beer. If you’re looking for other great beers from california and other areas follow my blog for great recommendations

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