Unfinished Edward

Unfinished Edward

Unfinished Edward

This is Edward.

Edward is a good guy: hard working, down to earth, friendly. He doesn’t speak often. He doesn’t think he is smart because he reads very slowly and has trouble doing math in his head, but he can fix almost anything. By day he takes care of his grandmother. By night he repossesses cars.

See? This is why we can't have nice things: we never finish what we start.

See? This is why we can’t have nice things: we never finish what we start.

I guess it is no mystery as to how I got to be an artist out of practice: I never finish what I start.  These two figures are characters from a story that I keep in my head- it is kind of my equivalent of a filing-cabinet-novel (that is to say: the novel every writer has to write in order to get it out of their system, but that isn’t really that good and just ends up in a filing cabinet).

I like making up characters. I find characters interesting because they are a bit like internal masks that I sometimes use to get perspective on the world that I can’t have in real life. I mean: look at these two- can you imagine one single situation that they would both see the same way? (Answer: Yes, they would both lay the smack-down on anyone who was mean to their sister Evelyn- but you wouldn’t know that just by looking at them.)

Edward Adomnan

Edward Adomnan

I like Edward, but I can’t seem to finish this drawing. I feel like I am letting him down by not doing it but at the same time I just get bored while working on him. It’s the curse of being the “Good Guy” I guess: being good is boring. I keep trying to find ways to make him interesting without trying to force him to do something out of character but I haven’t found it yet.

By contrast there is this guy:

Damen Warner

Damen Warner

This is Edward and his half-brother Damen.  The Mercutio to Edward’s Romeo. You might recognize him from a drawing I put up last month under the post “An Artist Out of Practice”. Did you know that some scholars believe that Shakespeare killed of Mercutio in the middle of “Romeo and Juliet” because he was so much more interesting than any of the main characters that he would’ve taken over the story.

I can understand the impulse.

I think I need to revise my goal of “doing artwork for one hour each day” to include some kind of specification about finishing artwork regularly. Maybe once a month? The point of doing more artwork was supposed to be to have more finished pieces that I could be proud of.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 15, 2013.

2 Responses to “Unfinished Edward”

  1. Your drawings let the light in, and that is a virtue that not all artists have. Congrats!

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