Runner’s High

Wait a sec... how did I get here?

Wait a sec… wasn’t I just in Los Angeles? How did I get here?

Running is such a stoner activity.

I don’t mean that stoners are runners (maybe they are?) but a good long run will make me feel like I’m high for the rest of the day. Technically speaking this is true: a long run is moderately damaging to my body so my glands flood my system with endorphins and dopamine to compensate.

Ahh glands. Natures little drug dealers.

As a result I spend the rest of the day chilled out and craving junk food.

Today was the longest run I’ve managed to to all year: about 7.6 miles. This is pretty small beans to someone who is really training, I know, but after spending a few tentative weeks trying to figure out how much running was too much for a sore achilles tendon this feels like pretty good progress.

I’ve discovered my sweet spot for distance-running pace too. It’s not fast; an old lady on a well powered scooter could pass me handily, but it eats up the miles. It is slow enough that I don’t get winded or tired and fast enough that I don’t get bored. I can mentally check out for about half an hour and have covered three miles by the time I check back in again.

On a related-but-unrelated note I also discovered that if you send in updates to GoogleMaps they actually respond! Changes actually get made!

Today I ran along the bike path beside the river. I have run along this path before, but have never known the distance between crossroads because GoogleMaps used to think the only access points were at either end of town. I had to resort to (gasp) math to figure out my distances.

I finally got so fed up that I sent in an update to GoogleMaps. You could access the path from any of the main crossroads. On purpose even: there were gates and ramps and everything. I got a nice response saying they would check this out and get back to me; and they did! I got a follow up email a week or so later and the maps are actually different now.

I made a difference on Google. I feel so proud.

Also hungry. I wonder if we have any Doritos.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 16, 2013.

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