Stress And Showers

Stressed? Check. Unshowered? Check. Flying leap to an unfounded conclusion? Check.

Stressed? Check. Unshowered? Check. Flying leap to an unfounded conclusion? Check.

You never realize how important showering is until you can’t do it.

Yesterday I wrote about how Sunday was an excellent day. It was an excellent day, but I neglected to mention the Plumbing Incident.

As the saying goes: “In every life a little rain must fall”. In my case it should be “for every great day there must be a faucet that won’t turn off.”  I was taking a shower and when I was finished I couldn’t turn the water off. There is a special kind of panic reserved for this situation, especially when it happens a spare twenty minutes before an important interview.

To make a long story short: suffice to say that once we got the water off we didn’t dare turn it back on again. No one was able to come out to look at it until today so for two days we just had to do without showers. Big deal, right? It’s not like we were trapped without water or power in the middle of the Caribbean like the guests aboard the Triumph (which is a perfectly nice ship, by the way, we went on it for our honeymoon)- but it did cause some unexpected butterfly effects in our lives.

Take, for instance, running: when you know you can’t shower it really makes you think twice about any activity that is going to get you sweaty. This isn’t just about vanity and not wanting to smell bad either: once I cool down from a run I get really cold. I’ve tried sweaters and hot coffee, but sometimes showering is the only thing that makes me feel warm again.

So if I can’t shower I don’t run and if I don’t run I have a lot more energy. And I am beginning to discover that extra energy doesn’t make me feel peppy- it makes me feel stressed. I can’t concentrate. I can’t sit still. I have a lot of energy to put into being upset about things that are not a big deal. I used to work in Summerstock theatre (motto: if you’re not in tears, we’re not doing our job) and the only way I could manage the stress was to use my dinner hour to go for a run. Before dinner: teary mess. After dinner: cool as a cucumber.

This makes me wonder whether the epidemic of stress and anxiety that seems to plague modern life isn’t the result of worry or uncertainty or money but rather from not being physical enough? What if the cure for stress was that simple? And what holds people back from  exercising over their lunch hours? Not being able to shower afterwards.

I’m beginning to see a pattern here.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 19, 2013.

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