Along The Red Carpet

See where that arrow is pointing? That was me.

See where that arrow is pointing? That was me.

So today I went to see the celebrities arrive at the Academy Awards on the red carpet. I was there as an extra to fill in the crowds behind where they were arriving and as of right now I haven’t seen myself in the background of any pictures- nor was I able to take any photos since I wasn’t allowed to bring a camera or a cell phone with me. In a way I suppose that was good, though: I was able to just enjoy being there and seeing who I could see.

The red carpet for the Academy Awards is as wide as a road and divided into three lanes. On the side nearest the theatre, where I stood, are bleachers for the spectators. Down the center is a narrow lane divided off by velvet ropes with security guards stationed at intervals. The greeter jokingly referred to this as the “Ten Items Or Less” lane which certain celebrities would use to get back and forth between the entrance and the theatre quickly, although it wasn’t clear why some actors would be whisked up this middle lane while others could stroll up at their leisure. On the far side of the red carpet from where I was standing was a second panel of bleachers entirely full of the press.

So. Many. Cameras.

I wasn’t allowed to bring a camera of my own so everyone told me to wave at the camera so they could see me. I’m not sure which of the THOUSANDS they would have been able to see me from though so I just went ahead and waved to all of them and spent my time grinning like a fool. Tell you what, though, for as wide as that red carpet was they needed it: by the time things really got going all three lanes were chock full of people. You think of the red carpet as being a one-by-one parade of celebrities in their couture gowns and tuxedos but really it is like watching sports fans (very well dressed sports fans) pouring into an arena for the game that rhymes with Cooper Pole.

So it was a good day. I got to (briefly) stand on the red carpet and even managed to come home with something to remember the experience by:

A sunburn.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 24, 2013.

One Response to “Along The Red Carpet”

  1. Hopefully the memories stay and the sunburn goes away.

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