Great and Terrible Celebrity

One person's dream, another person's nightmare.

One person’s dream, another person’s nightmare.

There aren’t many things that I lose sleep over, but Oscar acceptance speeches are one of the few.

Yesterday  I had the great privilege of attending the red carpet arrivals for the Academy Awards, which I wrote about (frantically) late last night after realizing that I hadn’t posted anything all day and that it was a moment that was too good to leave unrecorded.

Today I feel as though I am carrying the hangover burden for every single celebrity who partied the night away last night. So for every A-lister who woke up this morning without feeling like their face had been dragged the length of Sunset Strip: you’re welcome- I got this handled.

I’ve felt less worn out after a 22 mile run.

Probably the biggest reason for my extreme fatigue is from the hours that I spent last night unable to sleep because I hadn’t written the Perfect Oscar Acceptance Speech yet. This sounds like it ought to be a dream, right? Standing on stage giving an Oscar acceptance speech? Yes please! For me it is an exquisite nightmare that I yearn for and dread with equal intensity.

I imagine that to be an Academy Award winner is to be a member of an elite few people: the people who realize how many other people’s work allowed them to achieve their success and how little gratitude they can offer them in the fleeting moment of their acceptance speech. I think that to win an Academy Award must be a great and terrible moment when your hard work and talent are both completely validated and completely obliterated in the same moment: there you stand on stage- the acknowledged Best of your profession- and all you can see are the people who got you there who deserve more thanks and validation than you will ever be able to give them in the blink of your success.

Maybe I am the only filmmaker alive who lets this keep them up at night, but my greatest fear would be to stand alone on that stage with the great hollow void of gratitude in front of me and having no words to fill it.

On the plus side, though, I really only have two chances of winning an Academy Award: fat and thin; so I have plenty more sleepless nights between now and then to practice my speech.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 25, 2013.

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