Dream: Rings and Messes

In my dream I am in a building filled with labyrinthian hallways. It reminds me of my junior high school and of the condo building where I used to live but it is bigger than either and the hallways are longer and more difficult to navigate.

I get the feeling that the building must be some kind of residential building like apartments or a housing project. Families seem to live in each of the rooms, but I don’t know for sure- I never enter any of the doorways and I never see inside either. The hallways are made of cinderblock and the floor is tile and everything is a yellowed beige that seems clean, but a bit plain.

All along the hallways people have laid out their possessions. The atmosphere is like one large yard sale or a flea market. I can’t tell if it is from spring cleaning or kids cleaning out their lockers (I don’t see any lockers, but the school-like atmosphere makes me think of them anyway) or just from people not having anyplace else to put their stuff. There are lots of kids around, some quite young, and while there seem to be adults watching them there doesn’t seem to be anybody reigning them in so they are running wild and making a mess by leaving their toys on the floor.

I am trying to get somewhere- maybe just outside the building- and the more I try the more cluttered the hallways become until the junk is piled up on either side of me. For some reason I have taken all the rings off my fingers and am carrying them in my hands. I’m not sure why. Maybe I am afraid of losing them?

I finally make it outside. It is daytime and bright but I don’t think it is sunny. It is neither hot nor cold. The grass is neither green nor brown. A concrete sidewalk leads away from the door into a grassy area that can best be described as a courtyard and I take big gasping breaths of relief.

When I go to put my rings back on my fingers I can’t seem to ¬†coordinate my hands. The ring falls to the ground and bounces and rolls and I chase after it nearly in tears of frustration and upset. When I catch it I clutch it in my fist unwilling to let it go again.

Then I woke up.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on February 28, 2013.

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