Another Midnight Post

We have got to stop meeting like this.

I almost didn’t post tonight after spending a day running around making preparations for tomorrow when we will be screening our newest short film. So many details still to work out and so little time in the day to do it. Everything seems to be going well, knock on wood, but there is just a lot of everything to be done.

A good portion of today was spent in the car. Time spent in the car is time spent wondering about stuff. I wonder how I can still love a place like Chicago so much even when everything is grey, cold, and drab. I wonder whether people from grey, cold, drab places develop different characters from people in warm sunny places just because they have to learn how to continue functioning when the weather just makes you want to hole up in bed. I wonder if this is why Mid-Westerners are so stereotypically practical: because you just have to power through days of drab, boring weather even if you don’t like it.

Earlier today I had a long conversation with my mother about rugs. Persian rugs. Chinese rugs. Rugs in dire need of some TLC. I think I learned more about rugs today than I’ve learned in my whole life thus far. We were talking about some fancy rugs owned by the church that I grew up attending and whether it was better for the church to keep them because they are valuable and beautiful even if they required costly maintenance or whether they ought to be sold because cash is king.

It was an interesting dilemma because it involved a church. Should a church have nice things? Should a church only be more concerned with turning non-liquid assets into cold hard cash in order to run community and charitable programs or is it equally valid for a church to have objects of beauty? How does one find the balance between intrinsic and philosophical and artistic value in a community setting?

The dilemma of the rugs is not very different than the dilemma of any artist: how do your strike a balance between creating something useful and creating something beautiful? Can it still be meaningful if it isn’t useful? Can it still be art if it isn’t beautiful?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 1, 2013.

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