Blog By Committee

So I missed blogging yesterday so I decided I would sit down and write TWO of them today to make up for it.

Let me set the scene: It was a sunny Sunday afternoon. We had enjoyed a late lunch with my folks and my brother and everyone had dispersed to their various afternoon tasks. The family room was quiet. My husband was nearby working on his laptop so I took a seat at the family computer in the corner hoping to squeeze out a quick 365 words and a post full of photo evidence from yesterday to PROVE that I had been too busy to blog.

That’s where things began to go downhill.

The photos were already loaded onto the computer so I figured they would be a quick upload. They were not. Fifteen minutes later I had changed over a load of laundry, packed our belongings to go to my husband’s folks’ house later this afternoon, and posted a belated blog on another platform before the photos made it up online.

Then my Mom decided to have my brother teach her how to use the photo printer in the corner next to the computer. This in itself was not a problem but it meant that suddenly there were three people squeezed into the corner including me. For most of the tasks my mom was hoping to learn my brother could show her how to do them, but my husband being a tech guy invariable gravitated over to the corner as well to help.

Even this wasn’t a problem except for a tendency for my to type words that I was hearing around me instead of the words that I had in mind. For example I was trying to caption a photo to read “Signing autographs, feeling like a big shot” instead I wrote “Signing autographs, feeling like an internet.”

This slowed me down considerably.

Then the printer ran out of ink.

The printer in question is an HP photo printer. It has it’s own mini monitor on RIGHT ON THE DEVICE that can show the error message for the ink, but it ALSO found it necessary to send a pop-up error message in the middle of my screen as I tried to type around it.

First the blue ink ran out.

Then the yellow ink ran out.

Then the black ink ran out.

Then HP asked if I wanted to order more ink.

NO! I just want to type my blog, stupid printer!

So this post which should have been done in 15 minutes is still not finished half an hour later. So I’m going to leave it at that and call it a day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 3, 2013.

One Response to “Blog By Committee”

  1. HP printers are the worst!
    I have one and I hate it. When trying to print something, it whirrs and grinds for over a minute, before spitting out what I wanted printed.

    Mr. Ram

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