Wide Eyes

I had an eye doctor appointment today. This time last year I began to notice a small flashing and flickering on the edge of my vision in my left eye which turned out to be a partly detached retina. That was not good news for a filmmaker to receive and I was, at the time, preparing to move cross country so the problem needed to be dealt with RIGHT AWAY.  The retinologist seemed to think that it could be contained with a laser treatment so an hour or so later I was free-wheeling around the Chicago suburbs with a mad eyepatch.

Fast forward to the present: I was coming back to Chicago for a visit and decided it would be a good idea to get my eyes double checked by the same retinologist who had done the procedures. So this morning I spent several hours at the eye doctor’s office waiting for my pupils to dilate and realizing once again how much I use my reading-distance vision. Ugh.

The bottom line is that the news was good: the retinal detachment is still contained and even looking pretty good.

This did set me up for an interesting afternoon, however. Stepping out of the eye doctor’s office into the bright noonday sun blazing down onto the snow made the task of making my way from the door to the car a special kind of challenge. I had worn my glasses to the office figuring that it didn’t make sense to put in my contacts if I was just going to have to take them out at the doctors office again. This did mean that I couldn’t wear sunglasses, however.

As soon as I staggered to the car, arm flung across my eyes like Dracula at dawn, I sat myself down and put in my contacts in record time and threw on my sunglasses for immediate relief.

Looking at the world through wide eyes was not as pleasant an experience as you might expect; halos and auras on the snow sounds like it should be so beautiful as to bring tears to your eyes. Well, there are tears all right, but they are tears of the searing eyeball pain from the intense brightness.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 4, 2013.

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