Reading” Quiet” in The Quiet Car


I took the train downtown yesterday for a dentist appointment. It was the day of Winter Storm Saturn so I was relieved that I didn’t have to drive although by the time I left in the morning the snow was still only a prediction.

I love the train. I used to commute by train to and from the city every day for work so to ride it yesterday was a little ride down memory rails.
The much promised snow began to fall after I arrived downtown. It wasn’t especially cold or driven but it was the kind of snow that you find yourself walking into no matter which direction you are facing. I made it halfway across the Loop with no real direction before I ducked into a Cosi Cafe for coffee and a “squagel” (which sounds suspicious but is just a square bagel and is delicious). I spent the morning there: warm and watching the commuters leaning into the weather on their way to work. Commuting in snow is an exercise in honesty because there is just no way to dress that up and make it fashionable, stylish, or pretty and those who try only look foolish. ( I’m looking at you lady with no hat commuting in six inch high heel pumps).

On my way to the dentist appointment I stopped in a book store hoping to find something to take with me on an upcoming bus ride to Minneapolis. It has been a dog’s age since I was last in a book store and the selection went very quickly from “I don’t know what to buy” to “BUY ALL THE THINGS!!!!!”

I managed to leave after only two books: a new Terry Prachett whose writing I can devour in a single sitting without chewing and a book called “Quiet” which is all about introverts and the advantage and disadvantage to being such a person in an extraverted world.

I found myself in the Quiet Car on the train ride home blasting through the first 89 pages as if it was my job to read the whole book in one day. I haven’t finished it yet but I can’t wait to get on that bus to finish what I started.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 6, 2013.

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