A Misty Morning

This is as far into the Pacific as I've ever managed to get.

This is as far into the Pacific as I’ve ever managed to get.

We got up early this morning to go to the beach. It was not a morning that was conducive to beach-going considering the fact that it was only about fifty eight degrees and cloudy- but then again we weren’t going there to swim; we were going to take engagement photos for my sister and her fiance.

The beach at Santa Monica was reasonably uncrowded except for runners going along the paved bike path that runs along the inland side of the beach. Signs told us that tomorrow was the LA Marathon and there appeared to be more than a few joggers preparing for the big race. I envied them more than a little bit since I am only now getting back into a running habit after being out of town. I have a newfound respect for the runners who live in places like Chicago and Minneapolis and who manage to soldier on during the winter months because I wasn’t able to bring myself to run at all while I was there visiting.

It has been a while since my husband has had the opportunity to do any still photography so it was especially good for me to see him at work again. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in pursuing my own interests that I worry that I am not giving him enough encouragement towards his aspirations as well. I know how easy it is to put aside something that you enjoy just because everyday life gets in the way or you feel so out of practice that the thought of trying to pick it up again is too intimidating. Even though I have experienced this myself I don’t know what to do to support someone else who is going through it as well except to try to be there whenever opportunities present themselves.

In an ironic twist of circumstance we have suddenly had two photo shoot opportunities come up in one week: these engagement photos for my sister and a set of head shots for a friend who helped watch our cats while we were out of town. I would love for this to be the rebirth of my husband’s love of photography. It is something that he is actually quite good at, but doesn’t believe me when I tell him so.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 16, 2013.

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