Dusk Running

Quickly! To the batcave! The sun arises!

Quickly! To the batcave! The sun rises!

Yesterday was the LA Marathon. I didn’t run in it, but I saw the signs for it when we went down to the beach to take some photographs. Everywhere there were runners doing their day-before warm up runs and I felt more than a little bit embarrassed about how out of the habit of running I have been of late.

It seems that in spite of my best efforts I just can’t seem to drag myself out the door in the morning anymore to go running: almost all my running for the past week has happened at dusk. When it comes to running I’m pretty sure I am part vampire. I run at dawn or I run at dusk or I don’t run at all. (Ok sometimes I run in bright sunlight, but it is the exception, not the rule). Partly this is because I don’t want to put on sunscreen- a topic that I believe I dedicated an entire blog to back in January- and partly this is because I feel like I actually run better in low light.

Does this happen to anyone else?

When I run in low light I don’t get winded as easily, my stride is more fluid, I am less conscious of tight, sore, or aching muscles, and my pace is faster. I also seem to get less thirsty and/or overheated but that might easily be explained by cooler temperatures and less evaporation from the sun. I know that training guides recommend running at all different times of the day in order to be able to cope with races that happen any time of day but if your best and easiest running comes at a certain time, like dusk or dawn, is there any reason not to capitalize on that?

A major disadvantage to running at dusk and dawn is the fact that it is a lot harder for drivers to see me; and since most of my running gear is black I am a very difficult target to spot indeed. I often joke, with more than a grain of seriousness, that someday I am going to sew myself some running clothes with reflector strips that make it look like a Tron suit, but I haven’t gotten around to doing so yet. Or, when I am feeling very ambitious I say that I am going to design running gear with built in lights that draw power off my body as I exercise so that I can put those homemade BTUs to work and be visible to drivers at the same time.

If either of these two products already exists please share a link: I’m in the market!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 18, 2013.

One Response to “Dusk Running”

  1. I run pre-dawn or its hard for me to get out there and run so I can relate. I don’t get as thirsty either, which I never thought about before I read your post. I have a couple of tech shirts that have reflective tape on them already — and t hen I have a Nathan headband that has flashing lights and reflective tape on theh front and the back. Also Nathan makes arm bands that have flashing lights in them too. Any running store should have this stuff — still I’ve found no matter how lit up I am, some people still don’t see me!! Good luck!

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