A Day In The Photoshop

Romance on the beach, brought to you by Photoshop

Romance on the beach, brought to you by Photoshop

Yesterday I was beginning to feel the twinges of becoming overwhelmed with the stresses of life again. Over the weekend, of course, I had been volunteering for a film festival which meant that it had been more than a week since I’d had a day at home, by myself, at my desk, dealing with a massive heap of paperwork that was beginning to build up.

As an introvert it is very easy for me to get comfy in my safe little shell so all this socializing has been very good for me, but it has also been hard work and by the end of the day yesterday I was just about at my limit.

Luckily I had today to myself: I had an afternoon webinar that I needed to be at my desk for so I was able to spend my time happily crossing things off my to do list while I waited for it to begin. Among the most pressing of these items was some photo touch-ups for my husband.

Just as I am an aspiring filmmaker, my husband is an aspiring photographer; and just as the past week has been especially fruitful for film networking opportunities for me it has also been especially fruitful for photography shoots for him. In the past two weeks since we returned to California from Chicago we have had three major shoots: engagement photos for my sister and her fiance, headshots for an actor friend, and publicity photos for the film festival I was working at. We like to think we are a good team: he takes the photos and I touch them up.

I love Photoshop. I find it relaxing. To spend a whole day photoshopping is a guilty pleasure that I find very satisfactory. I might even count it towards my goal of doing artwork for an hour today.

So while I still have a tall stack of paperwork with my name on it I feel like the mess is more manageable now. Luckily the coming weekend is a holiday and I still need to finish up our taxes… I never thought I would look forward to doing our taxes, but that’s life I guess.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 26, 2013.

2 Responses to “A Day In The Photoshop”

  1. Have you tried Lightroom? If he shoots in RAW, Lightroom is a great first round edit and photoshop is awesome for cleaning up the details Lightroom cannot fix.

  2. LOVE the beach photo of Whitney & Daniel! I think I need a few photoshop sessions from you. Whitney introdu ced me to your blog and I have read some of the entries. I’ve really enjoyed them! You also have the gift of creative writing, I believe! Is your beautiful hair in the Chicago film premiere really that long?? Beautiful! 🙂

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