Zombies and Rockstars

I began the day with a nightmare so it seems only fitting that I should end the day with a nightmare.

In my dream this morning I was being pursued by zombies. I don’t often dream of zombies and in waking life I don’t find them all that terrifying, but in this dream they were dreadful. I was with a small group; mostly people that I make films with (good to know Blue Damen Pictures will weather the zombie apocalypse with aplomb) and we were trying to get to some kind of safe house but no matter where we went the zombies were only a few steps behind us.

I recall that we were trying to gather supplies as well- that wherever it was we were going it was going to be under siege for a long time and that food was going to be of the utmost importance. Bananas played a big part in this for some reason.

No matter what my waking mind thinks about zombies my sleeping mind found them terrifying. I was afraid while I was asleep; trapped in that zone between sleep and wakefulness with only the zombies for my company; and I was afraid for a long time after I woke up too.

So the day did not have an auspicious start and it went downhill from there. For most of the day I was able to buoy myself up by keeping myself busy. Then we sat down for dinner and, in the absence of any television shows to watch decided to watch “Rock of Ages”.

This was a poor choice.

I try really, really hard to make constructive comments about the work of other filmmakers because I know that even bad movies took a lot of work. My best bet with “Rock of Ages” is to try to pretend that it didn’t happen. Because there is no combination of “it’s-so-bad-it’s-good” or “it’s-so-good-it’s-bad” can make the two hours I just spent watching it more fun than being chased by zombies and contemplating starvation if I don’t gather enough bananas. When the best part of your movie is an eye-searing bromance between Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand you might have a problem on your hands.

Just sayin’

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on March 30, 2013.

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