Don't mind me- I was just getting ready to study to become a Sith lord.

Don’t mind me- I was just getting ready to study to become a Sith lord.

A few weeks ago I helped a friend make some alterations to a costume that she was creating for a webseries in which she had been cast. This involved digging out the sewing machine that I got as a birthday present a year ago and which has been living in the closet ever since.

So I got it into my head that I needed to sew something.

About the same time that I acquired the sewing machine last year we had also acquired several bolts of fabric so once the decision to sew something had been made I went to our storage unit and fished out the first bolt I could reach and headed home to think of something to make.

I always joke that I learned everything I know about sewing from the fairies in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty” and from my mother who managed to never lose her patience with me even though I cut giant holes (for the feet to go through!) in the middle of all her fabrics.

Sewing was always something that I took a running leap at with more enthusiasm than technique. I hated the idea of following a pattern. My earliest efforts were held together with staples.

In spite of this I somehow managed to become a fairly competent stitcher. How this happened remains a mystery to me, although the answer fell out of my mouth while I was helping the aforementioned friend with her costume.

“You’re a genius at sewing!” She said.

“No, not a genius,” I said, trying to sound depreciating, “Just willing to experiment.”

So in a grand experiment I decided that I was going to make myself a bathrobe. People who know me even a little bit probably know the giant green sweater that I wear everywhere. It is part sweater, part house coat, part security blanket, and part bathrobe. In other words, a Thneed: which, as Dr Seuss tells us, is something that everyone needs.

The green-sweater Thneed has been around since 2005 and is due for retirement, so my plan was to sew something that could replace it. I’d seen a woman wearing a full length robe on television that I quite liked so I thought I could probably create something similar. I didn’t have a pattern so I planned to just outline the pieces in pins based on measurements that I took from my body. Then I couldn’t find my tape measure so most of these measurements had to be taken with a piece of string and a little educated guesswork.

So now I have a full length black Thneed. I either look like I’m a white bonnet away from being Amish or else like I’m ready for Jedi training. It is still full of pins and needs about six inches worth of hemming, but I already wish I could wear it everywhere.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 19, 2013.

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