The Difference Between Writers And People Who Write

It’s my sister’s birthday today so today’s post is in her honor.

The difference between my sister and myself is she is a writer and I am a person who writes.

“What’s the difference?” You may ask. “Isn’t a writer a person who writes?”

Yes and no. Writing is like running: just because you learn the basics at a young age doesn’t mean you are ready to tackle a marathon or a thousand page novel. Just being able to put letters together in the right order to create words and words together to create sentences doesn’t mean you are a writer. If internet speak has taught us nothing else it has taught us this is true.

OMG u meen ai can’t haz a Plitzer 4 mai riting?


Even if you are a fairly competent wordsmith who understands the mysteries of the semicolon and the finer points of structure and syntax doesn’t make you a Writer, but you are part of the pool from which these mysterious and delightful creatures will eventually emerge. People in this pool are the People Who Write.

I am a Person Who Writes.

Now, I enjoy writing, make an effort to do a little bit of it every day, and try to express a coherent thought in a clean and stylish turn of phrase. You might think that calling myself a Person Who Writes is damning myself with faint praise. Perhaps you, as my readers, think my writing quite good and that I ought to give myself more credit.

You would be very kind to think so.

However that is exactly where I draw the line between People Who Write and the people who are Writers: credit.

Just like Artists, Athletes, Actors, Filmmakers, and Musicians; Writers are a special kind of person. Learning how to write is easy. Mastering the craft of writing is a life-long uphill tilt at a windmill that you might never reach. Writers are the people who dedicate themselves to the task of distilling thoughts into words and capturing those words on paper- even when that means stacks upon stacks of rejection letters, hours upon hours of writer’s block, frustration, editing, re-writes, market research, literary research, poverty and critical dismissal.

People Who Write will write as long as they can avoid these obstacles. That is me.

Writers will keep writing in spite of these obstacles. That is my sister. And for that Writers deserve our admiration.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 24, 2013.

One Response to “The Difference Between Writers And People Who Write”

  1. You’re in danger of becoming a writer by writing every day. But since you want to do film, I’d say that’s a good thing. James Camron is a filmmaker who writes and look where it got him!

    Also, your sister is awesome! I read her stuff all the time!

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