The Blank Page

Me: Hey brain- I need an idea.  My Brain: Here- have an idea! Have a MILLION ideas!!!!

Me: Hey brain- I need an idea.
My Brain: Here- have an idea! Have a MILLION ideas!!!!

The blank page is very intimidating to me today.

I sat down to write this blog. Then I got up again to open the window, brew coffee, water plants, do pushups, do sit ups, and read a chapter of a young adult novel that I borrowed from my sister last night. Classic procrastination.

There are times like this where I have many ideas and thoughts in my mind and have a hard time nailing one down to focus on. It is almost more frustrating than having no ideas at all. When I have no ideas I feel frustrated. When I have too many ideas I feel frustrated AND guilty for not focusing on all the other ideas that I am ignoring in order to focus on the idea that I choose to pursue. It is a little bit like trying to write a term paper in a room full of lobbyists all trying to convince you that you ought to be writing your term paper on the topic that they are promoting.

I often get this way with artwork as well: I will sit down to do a project and will start going through images for research and then get pulled in so many different directions that I end up gnashing my teeth and playing Tetris instead.

I hate feeling like I am wasting time.

Intellectually I know that it is good for me to fail sometimes but emotionally I can’t help but feel like I am being wasteful by going down the wrong path first. In fact sometimes it feels more wasteful to me to spend time doing the wrong thing than actually wasting time on something like Tetris.

So I apologize if today’s post is a little bit uninspired. I am, in fact, uninspired, but I think it is good for me even though I hate it. It teaches me to keep grinding forward.

Hard work never hurt anybody.

I hate when people (*ahem* women: you are particularly guilty of this) talk about manifesting success and “asking the universe for what you need” as if it were possible to just think your way to success. I don’t doubt that having a positive and focused outlook on the future is valuable, but hard work is what makes all those good thoughts and feelings into good realities.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on April 25, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Blank Page”

  1. It happens all the time with me and sometimes In hurry of writing all ideas i have in my mind i end up with nothing…:)

  2. Well played – a well written assessment of not being able to write because there are too many things to write about. Inspiring 🙂

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