Jumbled Dreams

Every so often I like to write about something that I dreamed, but lately this hasn’t been possible. For ¬†unknown reasons I have been having very extremely vivid and complex dreams. Dreams that even come with rolling end credits. Dreams so vivid and real about foreign countries that I wake up feeling like I’m in the wrong time zone.

But then, alas, I can’t remember them. I can remember their themes and some of the stronger images, but I can’t remember why they were important.

Here are some of the things I have dreamed about in the past four days:

The Uganda Dream

In the Uganda dream I was visiting friends of the family whom I haven’t seen in years. They were hosting me at their missionary church in Uganda which was clearly quite well off: built of wood and glass in a simple modern style and well situated in a scenic valley surrounded by purple mountains. I was supposed to make a bunch of photo prints while I was there and they had a photo printer in the church but just when I got settled I realized there was a huge long line of people behind me who also needed to use it and I didn’t want to hold up the line because I had a TON that I needed to make. I also needed to call someone back home but I was aware that the time zone was either 6 or 12 hours ahead of theirs.

This was closely followed by:

The Butterfly Man Dream

A superhero dream in which many superheroes had been gathered together including, but not limited to, Superman, The Flash, Batman, and several heroes that I didn’t recognize including Butterfly Man (who hadn’t yet metamorphosed into Butterfly Man so I guess that made him Caterpillar Man). I can’t remember what we were trying to accomplish but the dream devolved into a comic strip complete with frames and dialogue bubbles. When it ended there were credits. Rolling credits. These went on for several minutes.

Then came the Potpourri Dream

This included my sister, who was about to get married whom I was supposed to meet to work on wedding plans with her. She was waiting in the office of the company that I used to work for, but this was now located on the third floor of a tall circular mall shaped like the coliseum. This mall had been built up around the shores of an hourglass shaped lake. At one point I was helping her try on designer gowns because she was supposed to be marrying royalty and I recall being annoyed because there was another girl there also trying on dresses who was actually a noblewoman of some sort: a countess or a duchess or something and she was totally going to be the actual one getting married. There was also something to do with snow and sledding around the frozen lake because I was afraid that if I went out on the ice I would fall through, but when I steered away from the lakeshore I found myself on a set of train tracks that were taking me the wrong way. These luckily intersected a second set of tracks so I was able to change directions (I am still on a sled, mind you) but this spits me out down on the frozen lake in the middle of the aforementioned mall. I google it on my phone just make sure it is the right place. Then I call my sister who says she was just going to stop and get some burritos.

And that’s about where the dream ended.

Soooo…. yes. I would like to know where these dreams are coming from.


~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 6, 2013.

One Response to “Jumbled Dreams”

  1. You don’t remember…but you DO remember. Which is it? Because what you DO remember seems quite detailed.

    I would so have enjoyed sharing that superhero dream:P That is awesome. Though the comic strip paneling might have creeped me out a bit.

    Aha! Avoiding the ice/lake only to end up on railroad tracks going the “wrong way”…classic avoiding the inevitable. Or, steering away from what you subconsciously know you must face. Anxiety about responsibility/duty.

    Since I have taken it upon me to analyze your dreams, I will share one of mine for you to contemplate. This just happened recently. It started with me dreaming of Hugh Jackman doing an interview about his Wolverine movies. I forget what became of that. I just recall being on the set of the TV/Radio show. Then, I find myself in a former warehouse job atop a stack of metal frames and mattresses before someone comes along inspecting me while holding a clipboard. They don’t speak, and I pretend to be asleep. When they go away, a blonde woman named Nancy (as I hear her addressed) appears to say something to me. [She looks like an actress from the recent “Clash of the Titans” movie.] I think I respond before the clipboard person reappears to claim Nancy. Nancy gets upset and insists I rescue her. But, I am afraid of being taken away/captured/brainwashed myself. Part of me wants to jump off the stack and defend her. Part of me wants to observe what this person does with Nancy before I take foolish, hasty action. I end up letting these strangely stern and silent people take Nancy with them into another room/section of the warehouse. I follow, passing from room to room before I eventually find Nancy in a line with some other people being brainwashed/programmed. I manage to unnerve one guy who runs off after I tell him something. I keep my eye on Nancy. But, I wake before anything else happens. Or, rather, that’s all I can remember.

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