We are on our way to see a clown band rehearse.

This might not be the first thing you think of when someone tells you they are going to Indianapolis but there you are. My youngest sister, the one who will be graduating this weekend, plays the trombone and decided that a clown band sounded like a fun idea.  Not that I can blame her: if I played the trombone I would want to join a clown band too.

We spent most of the day driving which means that we changed time zones yet again. The clock tells me it is about 7:30 pm. The sun tells me it is about the time I should be knocking off work for an afternoon walk. My stomach tells me it is about time for lunch. Or maybe coffee. I’m still on California time so I can’t really tell whether I should be giving in to my impulses to eat, sleep, and caffeinate myself or resisting the temptation.

My only interface with Indianapolis  before today has been a high velocity tour taken from a car window from the interstate on the way to someplace else. Now I seem to be taking the opposite tack of taking the low velocity tour of church basements instead. But what the low road lacks in pacing it more than makes up for in entertainment value. This was a show that was worth the trip.

Just in case I’m being too subtle: CLOWN BANDS ARE FRIGGIN AMAZING!

The thing about clowning that people always forget about and therefore underestimate is that it is allowed to be fun. The music may not be sophisticated and the choreography may not be perfect but that is perfectly OK: it’s fun.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 9, 2013.

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