Body Talk

If only my brain had a built in  crocheted Fun Zone.

If only Toshiko Horuchi MacAdam would crochet a playground in my brain.

So yesterday’s post was all about how I’m not worried about any negative effects of distance running because I just don’t do the kind of distance that warrant that kind of worry and today I’m going to humblebrag about how I just ran twelve miles.

The irony is not lost on me.

But c’mon- it was twelve miles! That’s really far for me and it was hard work so I want to bask in the accomplishment for a while.

If you are a distance runner then you probably already know that any run longer than your normal daily workout is a mental workout as well as a physical one. Long runs take a long time (two and a half hours in my case, not counting a quick pit stop in the middle) and brains get bored faster than a two year old on a car trip through Kansas.

For example.

Me: “I’m bored.”

Also Me: “We’re running right now. Concentrate on that.”

Me: “My legs hurt.”

Also Me: “That’s ok, you’re not warmed up yet.”

Me: “They’re still hurting.”

Also Me: “It’s been thirty seconds- be patient.”

Me: “I’m also hot.”

Also Me: “So start sweating.”

Me: “I can’t. My legs hurt.”

Also Me: “Just listen to your music, OK?”

Me: “These sidewalks are hard.”

Also Me: “Would you rather run on the grass?”

Me: “No, the grass is too soft.”

Also Me: “Just imagine that you’re running someplace nice like a forest preserve.”

Me: “I can’t- there are all these cars driving by all the time. Everyone’s looking at me.”

Also Me: “No one’s looking at you longer than a few seconds.”

Me: “I bet my face is red and my hair is all sticky up. And I bet my butt looks big in these shorts.”

Also Me: “It doesn’t matter- we’re running right now, not trying to impress anyone.”

Me: “My feet hurt.”

Also Me: “Don’t think about your feet.”

Me: “Now that is all I can think about.”

Also Me: “Try thinking of something else.”

Me: “I want lemonade.”

Also Me: “You can have lemonade when we get home.”

Me: “But I want it nooooooooow.”

Also Me: “Don’t you take that tone with me, young lady.”

Me: “I’m bored.”

Some runs are better than others, of course, and self-talk can make or break a long distance run. The best case scenario for me is to go into a state of no-mind and to think of nothing in particular while my body grinds away at the miles. My body seems to be the happiest when my brain shuts up. Sadly, I don’t seem to be able to launch myself into this brain-space at will yet. Are there any good tricks for disengaging from self-talk (positive or negative) during a long run?

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on May 28, 2013.

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