The Ram-Beast And The Freight Train

Well, after this dream I'm certainly never going to count sheep ever again.

Well, after this dream I’m certainly never going to count sheep ever again.

In my dream I am standing outside the wall of a courtyard. The wall is made of brick and has two low archways built into it though which I can see a cool, clear pool and lush tropical plants that would be a welcome relief from the heat of the outdoors where I am standing.

When I try to approach one of the arches to go inside a monstrous creature suddenly appears, charging out from the greenery. It looks like some kind of large ancient sheep with a thick matted fleece that has never been shorn and hangs in grey clumps from it’s back. It has mighty curled horns like a ram, and one milky-white blind eye, but I hardly notice either of these because what I’m really looking at are the enormous, crooked, razor sharp teeth. They are so long and jagged that they stick far out of the creature’s mouth like fangs or tusks. It roars/screams at me and scares me so much that it wakes me up.


Because why have one bad dream when you can have two?

In my second dream I had just left a beach where I had gone on an outing with some friends. There was a bus that could take us back (to our cars I assume) but I decided to walk part of the way instead. I am barefoot and only wearing some kind of loose shirt and the road is in poor repair but I don’t seem to mind.

I follow the road to an industrial area where it passes under a train trestle with a freight train crossing it. A second freight train runs alongside it and I worry that it will block my path but it never does.

I become aware that someone is following me and that I am alone and I don’t have anything to defend myself with if I should need to. The ground underfoot is the rocky base for the train tracks and there is some silty dust between this and the road that I am following. I gather some dust in my hands and begin to jog. My pursuer begins to jog as well until he nearly catches me and I turn and throw the dust in his eyes. He has a handgun and it goes off, but fires wildly into the air thanks to the dust. I throw another handful of dust and another trying to get close enough to fight him without him shooting me. He keeps firing and missing.

At last I get behind him and put my hands around his throat but he is so big that my fingers don’t touch and I’m not strong enough to strangle him. Instead I try to just cut off his blood supply and, weakened he falls to all fours on the ground.

I climb on his shoulders to wrap my legs around his neck and begin to squeeze but then I wake up because I realize that I am actually squeezing the cat.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 5, 2013.

One Response to “The Ram-Beast And The Freight Train”

  1. Not a sheep…but maybe a Minotaur? The image reminded me of the Theseus legend. The Minotaur in the maze. Two paths both leading to conflict. Left and right brain hitting a dead end perhaps?

    Often when I focus on a creature’s teeth in a dream, it means I am concerned about my own teeth/speech:P I typically have those dreams before/after a dentist visit…or when I have to give a speech.

    The second dream I can’t quite decipher, yet. But, what an amusing ending:P That would make a great comic strip. Waking to realize you are strangling your cat. My first impression would be a rape scenario. The gun (man) seems like he is aggressively pursuing you in an isolated area. The gun misses its mark though it persists in trying…like a rapist’s tool:P This might not be an actual rape situation but a fear or concern for violation of privacy.

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