As Luck Would Have It

Long time, no see.

I believe the word used by kids these days is “Besties”

The day started off with a Bad Mood.

Actually, to be truthful, yesterday ended with a Bad Mood and today started off in a tentative Will-Today-Be-Better? mood. I was to tired to want to run but too awake to go back and take a nap, so for a long time I just lay on the bed debating endlessly with myself whether I should take on the [seemingly] unbearable ordeal of braiding my hair and putting on my running clothes or if I should just accept the guilt of lying around like a blob. I am currently in the midst of reading a book called “AntiFragile” which posits that one of the key elements to making yourself more resilient to chaos and change is to accept a certain amount of randomness in your life. Trapped in my circular running-vs-not-running arguments I decided I could use a little randomness to make my decision for me, so I downloaded a Magic 8 Ball app for my phone.

“Should I go for my run?” I asked it.

It is decidedly so.

So I went for my run and it was the most ornery, put-upon run ever, but I did it.

I wish that I could say that this bit of randomness turned my day around and it was all sunny and delightful from there on out, but that would be a lie. I was still a raging swamp monster for most of the morning. However it turns out that randomness was going to be a theme for the day.

It was about noon and I got a phone call from a gal who was my best friend in high school. We were inseparable. It was a friendship forged over the hell fires of puberty in the dark years of junior high (our first conversation was about potatoes as I recall), grew into solid Best Friend status and then gradually drifted into obscurity during college and my last, brief, visit with her was in 2010 at my wedding.

“Hey, I’m in town until Sunday- want to hang out?”

Hellz yes!

Sadly it was a funeral that brought her to town, but I was not above being selfishly glad for the opportunity to hang out with her again. It wasn’t the kind of thing that I could have planned for if I’d wanted to except to be open to the opportunity when it presented itself.

I didn’t even need to consult a Magic 8 Ball to make it happen.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 6, 2013.

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