Words With Friends


“And then I realized that my best friend from high school LIVES HERE IN TOWN!”

I didn’t have a chance to write yesterday because I spent the day with my old best friend from high school. I consider that a valid excuse for not writing. Clearly there aren’t many things that I, as a goal oriented person, enjoy doing more than accomplishing shit on my to do list, but reconnecting with an old friend is one of them.

It was a great visit: in a lot of ways both of us have changed enormously since high school, but in a lot of ways we have stayed the same too. Or, at least, we have stayed compatible which is more important in a lot of ways. To me this is a relief because if there is one introvert trait that I have that causes me occasional worry it is the introvert trait of having very few but extremely close friends. I like people and generally enjoy being¬†friendly¬†with lots of meaningful acquaintances but it takes me a long time before I consider someone a proper Friend. So falling out of touch with a Friend is hard for me because I don’t have many people in that category to begin with, but that’s just the way life seems to go.

At the same time it is a little bit fun to rediscover an old friendship after some time apart. In high school and junior high I was a completely different person than I am now. Some of these changes I never would have noticed without the reflective surface of an old and trusted friend. As we chatted I got the sense that we were both on the brink of a completely new part of our respective lives that was going to change everything all over again and that this chance opportunity to meet was neither an accident nor without meaning: a moment in which we could look back in order to move forward.

As much as I enjoyed the visit, however, I confess to being exhausted today. In an effort to squeeze every moment out of our time together we ended up chatting late into the night. It turns out that 1am is waaaaaaay past my bedtime nowadays, so it was lucky that we got together on a Saturday so that I had today to recover!

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 9, 2013.

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