Excellent Saturday

Cupcakes: probably the only thing that could have made today better than it already was.

Cupcakes: probably the only thing that could have made today better than it already was.

I’m writing this one late so I’ll have to be brief, but today was an excellent day and I don’t get to brag about having an excellent day as often as I’d like so I want to give it it’s due.

To start off I got to sleep in late. (Sort of, anyway, the cat still woke me up at the crack of dawn with his incessant morning scratching ritual, but I was able to snooze again afterwards and wake up at a luxuriously-late-yet-still-decently-early hour. I didn’t feel like I’d slept away my whole morning and I didn’t feel like I’d dragged myself out of bed too early on a Saturday. Win!

Next we had our normal breakfast of eggs and toast. We finally figured out how to pre-set the coffee maker so it made itself in the morning. Pre-setting the coffee maker is like hiring a morning coffee making butler. It’s just suddenly there like the sweet, sweet nectar of morning that it is.

Thus fortified by coffee we then set our sights on learning how to make sausage. Back when we got our tax refund we decided to invest in a sausage making attachment for the Kitchen Aid (this is the kind of big spenders that you’re dealing with here) and we had been waiting for the right convergence of sausage casings to arrive, sausage filling to thaw, and leisure time to put all the pieces together. Today was the day. I should mention that it is really, really hard to not titter like a schoolgirl whilst making sausage. Rinsing out the casings is like being a kid playing with worms followed by being a kid playing with water balloons followed by stuffing the casings which is like being an adolescent being introduced to the broad strokes of human reproduction. And if the entertainment value alone wasn’t worth the ordeal there is always the added bonus of having a plate full of homemade sausages when all is said and done. The sausages are a bit salty and my hands smell like dissection-day from junior high, but all in all it was a great success.

Then I got to watch a movie: “The Big Year”, which was pleasant, but more importantly I got to sit through the whole thing without having to try to accomplish a dozen other things at the same time.

Then I got to take a nap. This needs no elaboration.

Then I screwed my courage to the sticking place and forced myself to go for an eight mile run which I had been planning since the beginning of the month as a “half-way” distance before trying to tackle fourteen miles in a week or two. It was probably the easiest long run I’ve ever done- I’ve never felt so strong at the end or kept up the pace quite so effortlessly. I hate to admit it but I think doing pilates and interval training has done more for my distance running than the actual distance running has. God I hate running intervals, but if that is what it takes to have more strong, free long runs like todays then that is what I shall do.

And to finish off an excellent day I got to watch the AFI Lifetime Achievement Award ceremony for Mel Brooks who is probably one of my favorite comedic forces. I’d been seeing the ads all day but didn’t have too much hope that the timing would work out for me to catch the show, but it came on right as I got back from my run and was cooking dinner. Talk about a great finish for a great day.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 15, 2013.

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