DIY Dairy

Also our DIY tomatoes are starting to turn red.

Also our DIY tomatoes are starting to turn red.

Last month I took a trip back to Chicago to see my youngest sister graduate from college. Due to job obligations my husband stayed home for a week of delightful bachelorhood supervised only by the cats.

I wasn’t exactly worried per se: my husband is plenty responsible about running a household without me. At least, I wasn’t worried until he picked me up at the airport and told me:

“I have a surprise for you when you get home.”

His surprises have ranged from an unexpected bouquet of carnations to a newly installed sink faucet so there was a pretty wide range of what it could have been. One thing was for certain: he had Taken Initiative on something and that I would be expected to figure out what it was he had done.

We got home and I went to put something away in the fridge. There wasn’t much space available due to the fact that much of the shelf space was occupied by a pair of bowls holding something white and semi-liquid.

My husband was grinning expectantly.

“Is this the surprise?” I asked.

“Do you know what it is?”

I looked at the bowls. I didn’t have a clue.

“No clue.” I said.

“Here- try some.” He took a spoon and got a small portion out of one of the bowls. It was white and lumpy textured. I wasn’t sure if I was about to eat melty ice cream or grits. It tasted milky and plain.

“It’s… good?” I didn’t know if it was good. I didn’t know what it was. “What did I just put in my mouth?”

“Homemade ricotta cheese.” He said.

We had recently ordered a pasta roller attachment for our KitchenAid and were planning “at some point” to make lasagna with it. While I was out of town his concept had evolved from “lets make lasagna with homemade noodles” to “Heck, let’s make lasagna with homemade everything!” So he had found a recipe for homemade ricotta cheese and jolly well made some.

I am told it was simple to the point of ridiculousness.

Not to be out done I recently got it into my head that I ABSOLUTELY HAD to try making homemade yogurt. I was given to understand that this too was an obnoxiously simple process that required exactly two ingredients (milk, plain yogurt for starter) and no special equipment. You mix the milk and a few spoonfuls of plain yogurt, warm the mixture gently and leave it alone for several hours. That’s it. I even found one recipe that described how to make yogurt by leaving a glass-top casserole dish in the sun rather than needing to turn on the oven.

So I am currently in the process of making homemade yogurt. I was trying the sunshine method for most of the afternoon, but the patio went into shade sooner than I had hoped so I moved it to the oven for a bit.

I will have to report back about how it turns out.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on June 18, 2013.

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