Surviving The County Fair

Graduated from college: check.  Joined Clown Band: check.

Graduated from college: check.
Joined Clown Band: check.

Yesterday we went to the San Diego County Fair to see my youngest sister perform with the Circle City Sidewalk Stompers: a clown band.

Back in May when we drove out to Indianapolis for her graduation we were invited to see the band rehearse which I wrote about in the post Nindianapolis. That was a good time, but going to see an actual performance in the context of a county fair took the fun to a whole new level. Clowning is fun fueled by chaos and county fairs produce chaos in abundance.

I recall going to the County Fair as a kid growing up in Illinois. I remember seeing a rodeo and, to great dismay, a demolition derby and going through the Fun house. I also recall never getting to pig out on all the delicious, delicious fried junk food. Against my better, grown up, judgement I decided to make up for this lack yesterday through the generous application of corn dogs and fried-mushrooms-on-a-stick and lemonade in a souvenir cup.

This also provided me with the traditional souvenir stomachache which persisted through this morning.

The county fair was fun, but I was ready to go home after only two or three hours. The Curmudgeonly Lion and myself made it as far as the livestock barns then retreated to a shady spot in a beer garden to just watch the world go by.

County fairs are an Extravert’s Sport, so I didn’t feel too bad about reclining on a bench while waiting for my sister to finish with her daily shows before calling it quits. As a self-aware Introvert I sometimes wonder if I should be trying to gain endurance in busy situations like a county fair: is it enough just to recognize that I am worn out due to my temperament as an Introvert or should I be pushing myself to tolerate greater amounts of noise and chaos to be better suited to life in an Extravert world? Yesterday the answer seemed to be to enjoy as much of the chaos as felt comfortable and then tolerate the rest until the group was ready to go home.

It is safe to say that I had a great day spending time at the county fair and I will look forward to another 364 days of NOT spending time at the county fair.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 1, 2013.

One Response to “Surviving The County Fair”

  1. Now I am thinking I may be an extrovert:P I have few issues with county/state fairs. One is too many people around me make me batty. I hate crowds and feeling caged. I hate having to wade through slow moving mobs…especially when it’s hot outside and the sun is in my face! Two, I hate loud music. I never was one for concerts though I wanted to know what they were like all growing up. My first concert taught me a lesson. Damn, that hurt my ears. I couldn’t hear for two days or more. I had to call in sick to work. But, I could barely hear the receptionist. Third, I hate how people–including those providing the fair elements–can be so stupid. Putting everything imaginable on a stick and calling it a novel treat. Really? And, people buy into these things at great expense why? Because some people just can’t resist giving in to poor health and stupidity.

    Like you, I didn’t get to try the foods I saw as a kid. My folks usually tried to bring their own food or make us wait til we got too tired and hungry and had to leave in a fuss. How lousy was that! ‘Nothing like going back to school with a story about how little fun you had at the fair while the “rich” kids got all the treats and souvenirs they could want to keep them looking cool. Now, I can get the foods myself if I want…but I can’t say too many are that appealing:P And, prices are often ridiculous.

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