The Ignorant Wise

Dang! Got that whole female thing wrong again...

Dang! Got that whole female thing wrong again…

So on Monday I wrote about my experience sitting in front of a baby in a movie theatre. Yesterday I decided it would be a good idea to re-post this post on another blog that I write called “The Blue Streak” which is for my film production company and which focuses on film and filmmaking related topics. What could be better than a post about a movie going experience? I made a few minor adjustments and changed the title to “Babies Do NOT Belong In Movie Theatres!!!”. Then I posted it, and then I went away from the computer to vacuum the apartment.

It turns out that the post struck a nerve. When I got back to the computer forty minutes later I had a dozen comments in my Inbox.




As a writer I always long to post something that will get a response and will get people talking, it quickly became apparent that the stronger your opinion the stronger the reaction you will get. After reading through the comments and learning all sorts of character flaws about myself, my husband, my relationship, my writing style, my thought process and my potential genetic benefit to the human race I decided that ignorance was bliss and just stopped reading.

I felt guilty for not reading the comments and then I felt curious about why I felt guilty. Why should I feel bad about not reading the truly horrifying things that people wanted to say about me? I think that in this internet age we are conditioned to consume information: good and bad, right and wrong, objective and opinionated, whether we want to or not.

The choice to ignore information goes against this social programming and my personal sense of responsible thoroughness: shouldn’t I know everything that is being said about me? But words hurt and you can’t unread them. I’m not sure that I would be able to stay objective and not take every comment personally.

So was it wise to keep myself ignorant? I don’t know. I’m certainly happier not knowing what an awful person I am. The Curmudgeonly Lion has been keeping tabs on the conversation for me and assures me that opinions seem to have swayed in my direction over all, but that there are some pretty gnarly verbal blandishments in the mix.

I feel like I did something right (or at least something bold) to get such a good solid reaction. Now all I need to do is toughen my skin and learn to take criticism.

And, of course, figure out how to follow that act.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 10, 2013.

One Response to “The Ignorant Wise”

  1. My husband always tells me NOT to read comments because it will just make me angry. I read the comment section. To be fair, a lot of people just started getting into arguments and insulting each other and not you after a while (silver lining?). I love that every comment that said Kids should be expected at a kids movie someone would follow up with Kids-yes Babies-no or something along those lines. I feel the exact same by the way. Babies on planes do not bother me because there really is not a choice. I keep writing a lot more then deleting because I would just be restating everything you said 🙂

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