A Man Slipping On A Banana Peel… In Malibu

And if that doesn't work try rebooting...

And if that doesn’t work try rebooting…

Yesterday I drove up to the valley to attend a book launch for a book called “The Hidden Rules of Comedy” by Steve Kaplan. Alert readers might recognize this name from a two-day intensive seminar that I took back in January to learn the tools of comedy which I quite enjoyed: it’s hard not to enjoy spending two days watching the funniest parts of movies after all.

The book was not yet available back when I took the seminar so I had tentatively added it to my reading list in the hopes that I would remember to get a copy once it came out in print. I suppose that I needn’t have worried since I signed up for the mailing list as part of the seminar and received a convenient reminder message inviting me to attend the book launch at a bookshop called The Writers’ Store.

So I went to my first book launch and invited my sister to join me. We both got copies of the books and then got our copies signed. For a while we hung out waiting to find out if either of us were the lucky winner of a free hour consultation for our future comedy-writing needs (alas, we were not) and then my sister went to rescue her car from the parking lot of a nearby coffee shop and I went to run my errands.

In the course of all this I had sent a message to a handful of friends in the hopes of finding someone with which to “do coffee” while I was in the area. Although the town where we live is actually pretty convenient to most locations in the Los Angeles area it is perceived as being far away. As a result I always try to line up several social activities each time I have to cross the Hollywood Hills.

My plans didn’t quite work out the way that I’d hoped, but I did drive, for the first time, through Malibu in pursuit of them. My impression of Malibu was one of gray haze, wall-to-wall cars, and locked gates: in other words, all the charm of the Glasgow river front without the possibility of a deep fried Mars bar. I failed to see the charm compelling the rich to live there.

Sorry, 'bu, but Scotland does this look way better.

Sorry, ‘bu, but Scotland does this look way better.

Lunch had consisted of six cubes of cheese and a banana at the book launch (it was a book launch for a book on comedy- of course there were bananas!) and by the time I crested the appropriate pass in the appropriate Malibu canyon to reach this grey and sullen beachfront I was handicapped by plummeting blood sugar.

So it was an adventure, and possibly a comedy of errors considering the number and intensity of traffic circumstances that beset me at every turn.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 14, 2013.

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