One Run, Two Run

Frankly, I would probably still need sunscreen...

Frankly, I would probably still need sunscreen…

Here’s a question for all you distance runners out there: say you have set a distance goal for yourself of ten miles in one day. Obviously the most direct way to accomplish this would be to run all ten miles in one go, but what if you divide the distance into two five mile runs? Does it still “count” as doing a ten mile distance even though there is a period of rest in the middle? Does anyone know the implications of this?

As I’ve mentioned in the past I greatly prefer to run during twilight hours because it is cooler and less likely to leave me with a scorching sunburn. The only problem with this is that twilight only lasts for about twenty minutes (an hour if you don’t mind running into the setting sun for part of it) and I’m simply not fast enough to manage ten miles in an hour. And now that it is summer here in southern California the weather goes from soft morning twilight to blazing sunlight in the blink of an eye.

So today I’ve completed slightly more than half of my goal distance for the day with the intention of going out for a second run in the evening once the arc-light-in-the-sky finally heads for the horizon. I still feel like I’m cheating, though, by not doing all my miles in one go.

In other, unrelated news, I recently discovered a page called “Run Of Thrones” on which some enterprising individual has created running routes in major cities in the shape of “Game Of Thrones” house sigils. I will openly confess that I am an avid follower of the show and I am more than a little bit keen to try the #StarkHalfLA even though it is 12.2 miles and runs through somewhat unfamiliar territories.

Winter is coming, but not soon enough! I wanna run this route NOW!

Winter is coming, but not soon enough! I wanna run this route NOW!

Also it is a forty minute drive from home.

Also it would take me three hours to do it.

Also it would need to be run in full daylight.

But never mind- I want to do it! At least I’m not trying to run a mile as fast as I can across Death Valley in the hottest part of the day whilst wearing a Darth Vader outfit. Also a real thing.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 15, 2013.

3 Responses to “One Run, Two Run”

  1. It absolutely counts. Doing ‘doubles’ (two runs a day) is a great way to train and increase endurance. Before running a marathon, you’ll still want to have some good long runs under your belt that aren’t split up, but doubles are also a great training tool.

  2. I think it counts. It’s hard to turn over two sessions in one day, and you should always train on legs that are slightly used…that increases your endurance and mental strength. You’re inspiring me to get in a five-miler tonight, and I just ran five this morning!

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