The Golden Triangle

Go on- tell me that's not inspiring... I dare ya.

Go on- tell me that’s not inspiring… I dare ya.

Every other Wednesday I drive across town to pick up a box of vegetables from a CSA (Community Sustained Agriculture) group that we joined shortly after moving to Los Angeles. Since there aren’t any pickup locations in the town where we actually live I selected a location in Hollywood. I figured that if I was going to be driving all over town anyway I might as well set my destination for someplace that I was interested in going to.

In an effort to make this trek worth the gasoline I often try to set up meetings with friends and new contacts in the area. So a few days ago I messaged my friend Madeline to see if she was available to hang out while I was around.

“Sure!” She responded. “You can help me kick off my Golden Triangle!”

She promised to explain further when we met.

I couldn’t imagine what a Golden Triangle was except to speculate that it was some kind of motivational term from a book like “The Secret” or “Lean In” (neither of which I’ve read, so I can’t actually comment on whether they are motivational). A Golden Triangle seemed like it should be some kind of life-balance between health-wealth-love or friends-family-self or Larry-Curly-Moe.

“It has to do with my horoscope.” Madeline explained when I made it to her apartment after retrieving my box of veggies.

Ah ha.

So apparently the Golden Triangle in question is a rare and auspicious balance of Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune forming a triangle in the sky for three days beginning on July 17th. The period was predicted to be one of good opportunity, creativity, true love and babies. The latter she took as a warning. Madeline read to me from her horoscope for the month authored by Susan Miller. Jupiter overtaking Saturn. Mercury preparing to go into retrograde. Water signs and houses. And, of course, the Golden Triangle. It was an impressively in-depth sketch of the movements of the planets and their potential meanings.

After I got home I looked up my own horoscope.

I’ll admit that I’m a bit of a sucker for horoscopes. They fall at the crux of human nature between wanting to find meaning in the patterns in nature and wanting that meaning to point to you personally and tell you that you are special. I don’t set my watch by my horoscope, but I enjoy reading it. Good horoscopes give me hope. Bad horoscopes give me something to blame when things go wrong.

So, like Madeline, I like the idea of a celestial Golden Triangle. I like the idea of having three days of good luck and opportunity. More than that, though, I like the incentive to be pro-active: I like the idea that The Time Is Right and that if I make an effort to go out into the world for the next few days that I might be rewarded for it. Whether or not the stars can actually provide good fortune seems less important than the fact that I’m more likely to leave the house and make things happen.

And I’m assuming that Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are in a triangle no matter what “sign” you are so maybe we should all be getting out of the house to pursue our respective destinies.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 18, 2013.

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