The Royal Baby

Babies + Royalty= Adorable

Babies + Royalty= Adorable

I’m not going to lie: I’m just as interested in the Royal Baby as everyone else is. I wouldn’t call myself “obsessed” exactly, but I am easily sidetracked into clicking on a link to pictures and updates about him. Personally I think they should call him Arthur, though I imagine that is pretty unlikely.

I didn’t much follow the pregnancy; there was the announcement and some noise about a baby bump (the trend of commenting on baby bumps I find extremely distasteful) and then suddenly there was a baby. Ta Dah! 

The Curmudgeonly Lion does not share my interest in The Royals:

“They’re just people like anybody else. Why should we get so excited about when they have a baby?”

It’s a sentiment that I can understand. I am completely baffled by the crowds of people who gathered outside the hospital for no other reason than because somewhere inside it’s walls a woman was giving birth. It was a hospital! Women give birth there all the time- what makes this time so special? You know, aside from the fact that royalty is involved?

We as humans go through life starving for two kinds of information: truth and meaning. The truth is: there is nothing special about the Royal Baby except that he happened to win the genetic lottery and to be born into to a marvelously popular family. Even if His Royal Highness someday becomes His Majesty he won’t really hold any real power except for this popularity. His life will be filled with unrelenting public scrutiny and endless public appearances. But in the end he is just a human being like the rest of us. 

Or is he? This is a Prince, after all. The Prince might someday be King. There is an inherent sense of Destiny to his life. His birth is a symbol of  Rebirth. 

All the stories that we are told when we are very young are about Princes and Kings and Destiny and Rebirth. We like to take the basic elements of truth and weave them into narratives to figure out what is meaningful about them and Kings make for popular characters because they both stand alone as a single character and put a human face on their kingdoms: their population at large. If the King is wise the Kingdom is prosperous. If the King is weak the Kingdom is weak. These stories are designed to teach us what is meaningful in life. 

I think the fascination with the real life Royals is that we have a chance to see this kind of narrative happen in real life. We are fascinated to find out what kind of story we are living in. 

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on July 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Royal Baby”

  1. I find them fascinating because there’s an element of history to the birth. Plus, I’m Prince William’s age, and I’ve watched him grow up on TV. It’s cool to see him become a Dad.

    • Really? Me too- our birthdays are actually just a couple weeks apart. It’s amazing, though, he suddenly went from looking like Prince William to looking like Dad William.

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