Travel Eating

The best and worst part about travelling is the eating.

It’s no secret that I am a cheapskate so whenever we travel I always try to pack as many meals as I can instead of just planning to eat out at a restaurant. Usually this translates to packing food for breakfasts and lunches and for the snacks in between: but if I pack the normal (read: boring) food that I usually keep in the house and eat every day then I find myself looking longingly in the direction of Denny’s and McDonalds and other delightfully lowbrow purveyors of junk food.

So my solution is simple: treat myself to the good stuff that I normally don’t let myself to eat- but buy it at the grocery dollar store instead of buying it from a convenience store along the way. I treat myself to the Starbucks Via packets instead of regular instant coffee granules. I let myself have bagels and cream cheese instead of shredded wheat. Travelling is one of the few times when I allow myself to indulge in soda and Little Debbie snack cakes.

The up side is that I am MUCH better about staying on budget but the down side is that I still find it difficult to shake the guilt from so much indulgence. It’s much harder to go running while on the road, for instance, so even though I may be “running” from event to event I mostly feel like I am sitting around eating bonbons for days on end.

I can’t imagine how people can eat this kind of junk food every day. But at the same time I can: even as I am wracked with guilt about over eating and eating junky, but delicious treats I still help myself to all the good stuff just because I don’t get to do so that often. But on the plus side I will also be extra glad to get back to eating normal, boring foods once I settle back into my routine and will probably appreciate the times when I AM able to get out for a run again.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 9, 2013.

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