Tiffany Blues

Yesterday was my brother’s wedding.

The wedding was simple and elegant. The reception was lovely and good fun. My new sister is a sweetheart and I couldn’t be happier to have her as part of the family. This time yesterday we were toasting the bride and groom and probably dancing as the band played a polka (this is why weddings in Wisconsin are the shiznit).

The wedding colors were Tiffany Blue and Salmon-y Pinks. It was a lovely combination: my new-sister has excellent taste and design sense- even better than my own (blasphemy!) I was asked to facilitate the event so that the bride and groom could enjoy their day without having to worry about whether the band was getting paid or the caterers knew how many vegetarian meals to put on a table. I was happy to do it: at a certain point you have to give up on your plans and just let the things that you have set in motion run their course.

I haven’t had any time to process anything that has happened to me since the beginning of the month. I have the strange sensation that something important has happened from which I was supposed to observe something profound about life and I somehow missed it. I have this impulse that I ought to be dedicating a post to my brother and new-sister (which sounds nicer than sister-in-law) with some thoughtful advice about married life or about life in general and I can’t think of a darn thing to say. I hate to blame this on my Introversion, but I think that might be a large part of it: I have been running for so long on Social Time that part of my brain isn’t engaging.

Yesterday I sat and tried to fill out my productivity list. Clearly I haven’t been as faithful about blogging as I might have hoped. Getting thirty minutes alone with a laptop is like smelting gold out of someones fillings without them noticing. Where’s Gwydhar? Why is she staring at a computer/smartphone instead of visiting with family? Doesn’t she know we only see family once in a blue moon? She’d rather be staring at a computer than gazing out across a lakefront vista? She’d rather work than get to bed at a reasonable hour?

I managed, with titanic effort, to go for a run on three of the past four days. This morning it rained and my throat was sore and I was so worn out from the wedding I decided it was probably OK to not drag my carcass around the block, even though it was one of the few things that I’ve managed to accomplish in the past week. Even flossing has seemed like too much work.

Sorry to whine. I’m plum wore out and the week is just getting started with no quiet time in sight. I’ve got the Tiffany Blues: I want things to be elegant, tidy, in control but at a certain point you need to give up on your plans and just let the things that you have set in motion run their course.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 11, 2013.

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