The Introvert on Extrovacation

And now to deal with the giant tower of paperwork that I have been neglecting for three weeks.

And now to deal with the giant tower of paperwork that I have been neglecting for three weeks.

So by now I’m sure it is no secret that I’ve been on the road since the beginning of this month. The problem with being a writer is that I want to write about the things that are happening to me in real life on each day, but since I am putting my writing out on the internet I don’t really want to be blabbing about the fact that I’m not at home. It’s possible that I’m being paranoid, but I’ve been burglarized twice in my life and anything I can do to avoid having it happen a third time is good for me.

So first I was in Vegas, then I was in Wisconsin, and then I was in Chicago and now I’m back. I had all these big plans about being diligent about writing every day while I was on the road (also running, and watching my 100 Must See movies in preparation for grad school, and reading my books and working on renderings that were ordered at SOE Live).

That didn’t work out quite the way I’d hoped.

You want to know the one task I did manage to accomplish every day? Flossing.

It was an excellent series of trips in spite of the fact that I had very little down time and I got sick in the middle of it. It was like what I imagine life as an Extrovert to be like: constant activity, a variety of new experiences, lots of social interaction, and plenty of excitement. I had to work very hard at not thinking: if I found myself thinking about all the activities that were ahead of me I would begin to panic and if I thought about all the things I hadn’t accomplished I would begin to feel guilty and if I thought too much about everything I had done I would feel exhausted. I just had to accept that the future and the past and all my good intentions were temporarily beyond my control.

Normally when I feel overwhelmed my instinct is to focus: to make a list and to grind away at it task by task. But it’s not appropriate to turn weddings and bridal showers and family visits into to-do lists: these aren’t occasions that you participate in just to get ’em done. ¬†So while I still feel a bit of distress at how much I failed to accomplish I also feel pretty good about learning how to let go of my normal modus operandi in order to actually enjoy the visit.

So it was an excellent series of visits. And I have never been so glad to come home.

~ by Gwydhar Gebien on August 20, 2013.

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